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Hi gang,
As i am fairly new into modding my pc i just wanted to know how hard it would be to change my psu as i have never done one before. Is it a case of taking the old one out and putting the new one in then thats you(unpluging the wires then re-pluging in the new ones), nothing else to do after that??????? :oops:
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  1. It really depends on your case, but mostly it's just the removal of four screws and managing the pus out of the inside of the case. You may have to remove a vd-rom drive or two, but I would have to say it's nearly the easiest component to replace (besides having to connect all those wires, of course). Again, this just depends on how your case manufacturer has decided to design the case.
  2. Thats good then, but is there anything you have do on the softwere or bios side of it. cheers :roll:
  3. You have nothing to do with BIOS or your apps,just unpluging and repluging the wires.It's that simple!
    Of course choose a 400 Watt at least.I always choose the chinese PSUs and never had a problem.I've opened them and the circuitry of all of them are the same,whether expensive or cheapo!I mean a swithcing circuit ,using 4 diode bridge,etc.

    Arya from Tehran
  4. Thats everyone for your help. :D
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