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Howdy folks! I just finished reading a great article posted on ExtremeTech about "10 Failed Tech Trends in 2005." Here's a link to anyone who's interested in reading it:,1697,1906436,00.asp

Anyways, the author believes that SLI/Crossfire in 2005 was a failure. I suspect differently so I'm conducting a poll. Please respond honestly to these questions- I don't want skewed results! Thanks,

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  1. i think you should also ask if the person plans on upgrading to a sli/crossfire setup.
    just my opinion tho.
  2. Actually I did try to do that. Anytime i try to add a third, fourth, fifth, etc option, i get some "post error" crap. Something's wrong with these boards...

  3. then they need to fix the boards rofl...
    but i dont plan on upgrading to sli/crossfire because the next gen cards will be faster and cheaper than a dual card setup.

    imo i think if you plan on upgrading to a dual card setup or not you should post so mpjesse can keep tabs on what ppl will be doing and how succesful the propagand of dual card setups has been. ( i need to stop drinking and posting)
  4. Lol. I'm trashed too. I had to re-read ur post like 5 times before i could get it. man... all the letters are looking goofy... they're wavy or something.

    they're moving!
  5. SLI is more marketing pandering to techno geek niche gamers who think it will give them the power needed to dominate others, but real world scenarios, ho hum, neato man, games still play and look good with cards costing less than a third that. Lets see, $1500 for a pair of graphics cards that has limited use and is dedicated to gaming is extravagant and foolish, considering in 6 months, a single card costing much less will compare in performance and eye candy, plus does not generate any revenue.
    I have no problem with spending money on a hobby or thrill, this is fine if you can afford it, but a lot of people who suggest and recommend SLI/CF do not have one nor have seen one (or a job for that matter), it is just the latest marketing neato wizbang cool thing to do.
  6. kudos to richpls, but no offense to your dual gtx's mpjesse, they still rock
  7. I agree 100%. SLI is not for everyone. Like you said, if you've got the $$$ to spend, go for it. I think this will always be the case for SLI/Crossfire. But I still believe that SLI/Crossfire has been a major success for nVidia... lesser so for ATI.

  8. Lots of people (like me) may have SLI enabled motherboards with only a single video card... I said "No" in the survey, but only because I didn't have another option.
  9. Yeah, I think it's best to leave it at "No" cause I want to see how many people are currently actually using 2 video cards.

    Right now I'm looking like an idiot... 90% aren't using it. That other 10% is myself. LOL.

  10. I voted no since I don't have it and don't plan on getting it, but I do think it has some value.

    I'm starting to see cases where a sli/crossfire config would be able to run 1920x1200 at high settings while a single card wouldn't. That's a good thing.

    For me though I'd rather wait a generation to get one card that can do it than spend $1500 right now. I figure I can wait 6 months and save myself $1000 or more. :D
  11. I'm getting a 19in viewsonic G90F 1600x1200 crt monitor next week with my new high end system

    it has all the high end stuff except the AMD 3700+ processor which i am waiting till the FX prices go down

    I was going to get a 7800gtx 256mb card but you say high res moniors need sli or crossfire?
    is crossfire 2 cards or not
    I'm now getting either the 1900xt or 1900 cf
    please explaine the benifits so i get the right one
  12. I recently upgraded my system to cover me for the next couple of years so I too bought an SLI board but only run one card.
    One of the reasons I did this was if I decided to switch to a 64bit operating system (Vista) then it gave me an option of adding more graphics memory because I heard it was going to offload more work onto the GPU (whether its warranted to add more memory I'll have to see)
    I just really liked the idea of having that sort flexibility. Plus in a year I figured a second 7800GT wasn't going to cost that much (and it would give my gaming a nice little boost too).
  13. sli and crossfire is mainly targeted at noob gamers with lots of money, who think playing at ultra high resolutions with everything turned on, will somehow make them "good" at the game.

    at least thats my opinion.

    (you will also be paying an arm and a leg for your power bill)
  14. Voted 8)

    SLI For Teh Win

  15. im running an old clawhammer FX w/2 7800 GT's

    im currently considering changing over to crossfire when i get back from this deployment.

    but one thing i wont do is go back to one gfx card.
  16. what is the best motherboard to get for a x1900xt?
  17. Asus A8R-MVP isnt bad, I can get to 2680MHz with a Opteron 175 2.2GHz CPU.

    My System...
    Asus A8R-MVP, current BIOS 4.02
    Opteron 175 ~ 939-pin CPU
    ThermalTake BigWaterSE
    4x512MB Corsair Xpert Twinxp1024-3200xl (spd 2-2-2-5)
    HiS X1800XT 512MB Video Card
    ATI Theater Pro 550
    2x74gig Raptor ~ RAID0 boot drive
    2x250gig SATA2 WD SE16 ~ (data and scratch disk)
    Plextor 716AL slot load 16xDVD burner
    Antec True Power 550watt PSU
    Lian Li PC-60plus Black Aluminum case
    Lian Li TR-3B ~ 3.5” LCD fan control/thermometer
    Dell 2405FPW ~ 24” LCD monitor
    9-n-1 USB Memory Card Reader
    PCMCIA Card Reader ~ PCI bus, 3.5” bay

    4580 3DMarks06
    9,671 3DMarks05
  18. i don't think i can buy that on ncix... does the asus a8n sli premium work
    not worried about cf
  19. I voted NO :arrow:
  20. Quote:
    I did this was if I decided to switch to a 64bit operating system (Vista) then it gave me an option of adding more graphics memory because I heard it was going to offload more work onto the GPU (whether its warranted to add more memory I'll have to see)

    Yes, Vista will be using a new GUI called Avalon and it will be 3D accelerated. However M$ has reassured everyone that the demand will be very small on 3D cards. Last I heard/read, a ATI 3D Rage would even be able to run it.

    Avalon hasn't been released in any of the Vista BETA's yet, but I'm betting it will be very, very soon. When it does, we'll know more. I for one am glad to see M$ finally ditching 2D GUI's.

  21. Are you joking? Being able to afford better hardware makes you a "n00b gamer"? Just because I actually want my games to look decent while playing them?
  22. What is it with people and the need for UI eye candy?
    I'm running the classic windows theme, and I"m on XP.
    Christ, do people realize the system resources that are used
    when running a 3D GUI??

    It might look good yes, but does eat up my clock cycles thats for sure.

    EDIT: Almost forgot to

    I said no to currently running an SLI setup.
    My situation is like many, I dont have a large amount of money,
    but I do have some to throw around. So when I buy a GPU, I look for
    high(er) end single card solutions. Look @ people who bought SLI 6800GT"s when they were first introduced. Then having a 7800GTX coming along down the road, at a little cheaper price producing great preformance.

    If you going to stay on the BLEEDING edge, and you have cash.
    More power to you. I view games as an art form, and the more settings and higher resolutions I can play them at....the better. However my wallet just so happens to disagree with me.
  23. Quote:
    What is it with people and the need for UI eye candy?
    I'm running the classic windows theme, and I"m on XP.
    Christ, do people realize the system resources that are used
    when running a 3D GUI??

    It might look good yes, but does eat up my clock cycles thats for sure.

    So I guess if you were the one in charge, we'd all still be using a 3.11 GUI. Or maybe a command line interface?

    A 3D GUI is a natural evolution. No offense, but people like you have no vision.

    (FYI, I use Windows Blinds and have used Windows FX, both 3rd party 3D accelerated GUI's that sit on top of Windows XP. They don't run any slower than WinXP's 2D API. They are however a little buggy at times, but as with all advances in technology that's to be expected. I'm sure M$ will perfect it.)

  24. I agree with you, I have no vision, hense why I dont work in the industry lol. I have no problems with the advancement of a UI...however I dont like it when the UI itself begins to require a much larger preformance demand on my system...thats all.
  25. i voted no, since i still have agp. in a year or two when i upgrade again i still doubt that i'll get a dual card setup, though i probably would go high end next time rather than mid-range(i have a 6600gt)
  26. Wow that was really ignorant. Personally, I bought my rig cos I like Eye candy and I have the money. If fear runs like crap with 1 card -- then I bought another one. I really liked the game before now I love it. Same thing with COD2. I'm not stupid -- I WANTED SLI.
  27. LOL. Well I guess that settles that then. :-)

  28. Hmmm, currently 19% for, 80% against. That leaves 1% undecided? :?
  29. I'm letting it run for a few more days. I emailed the author of the article I posted in my original post and told him I believed the SLI/Crossfire adoption percentage was in the 20% range for enthusiasts... so things are looking good.

    Obviously this is not a scientific poll, but I figure the margin of error to be +/- 5%.

  30. My problem is the same as most people as well: lack of funds. I wish I had $1,000 for a new system as it is! Then again, not being a gamer at all (I only have old school Tetris on my machine), I have no use for any high end GPU solution. So, my vote was "no".
  31. Ultra...Doom3 anyone? The best part of Doom3's ultra, was the fact it looked almost identical. I believe the only difference was no texture compression on Ultra, vs. High.
  32. Yeah... I can't tell the difference between Quake 4 "High" and "Ultra". They look identical to me.

  33. Quote:
    Same thing with COD2. I'm not stupid -- I WANTED SLI.

    Not trying to take away from your point but COD2 runs fine on my 7800GT on "optimal", so maybe that was a bad example.

    Still when I voted it was 88% not, and while you may want see I lower number there, its just not the case. Dual graphics isn't a failure, its just not mainstream. When the ability come along, if ever to run two completly different models of cards, like my current card with what ever else Nvidia comes out next with, and get good nearly uncomprimised preformance, then I'd buy it. Too much to keep upgrading $800 worth of cards.
  34. Agreed... SLI/Crossfire will never be mainstream. Look at it this way:

    nVidia and ATI have been able to sell more video cards for the same system then they would have had SLI/Crossfire not been available.

    So in those terms, SLI/Crossfire is not a failure.


  35. Yeah, mainstream is crap. :wink:
  36. if i can afford a SLI system (ex 2 gf 7800gtx 512), i'll buy it in the next 5 seconds, but to gain max preformance, i'll need a powerfull CPU&MB&PPU and all the rest....wichs costs a looooooott! About the crossfire, i never liked ATI,i don't like the ideea to use a master and a slave card(the crossfire card will not work as single card), i am with Nvidia since they buyed 3DFx(and their SLI too :P) :D
  37. i voted Yes because i currently run 2 7800 GTX's in SLI and love it. I agree SLI is not a mainstream technology, the sheer cost is prohbitive. Now, Nvidia did try and clean it up a bit by enabling SLi on low end cards across the PCI Express bus, but that still requires 2 cards.

    I play Lineage II, Need For Speed Most Wanted, BF2 and with SLi I can ramp up the resolution to match my monitor (LCD 1600x1200). In NFS: MW I have turned on FSAA to max, reflection rate update to max and my GTX's just laugh at the game saying "Is that all you can send myway?"


    So would I call SLi/CF a failure? No, it is just a very budget limited technology. Given the drasticly reduced product life cycle for graphics cards, I would say that if they want to inrease the penetration of SLi/CF they need to back off this damn 6 month life cycle. Personaly I would be happy to see a new card every year that took twice the time to develop but gave a better performance increase.

    By releasing a card every 6 months (or less in ATI's case) you are SEVERELY curtailing anyones desire to drop >$1000 on graphics cards that will be replaced by the time they can get thier system fine tuned.


    Just my 2 cents though :P
  38. Don't forget about 16xAA at a minimum performancehit, that's one of the main reasons I am going for sli as soon as the prices drop anyways.. or i get sucked into buing a 7900gt/gtx or even wait for 8000-psycho-techno- edition

    but definately a plus, many games are still way too aliased at 4x

    now we just need a new way of treating anisotrophy or at least putting it to 24/32
  39. Quote:
    I would say that if they want to inrease the penetration of SLi/CF they need to back off this damn 6 month life cycle. Personaly I would be happy to see a new card every year that took twice the time to develop but gave a better performance increase.

    Right on brotha!

  40. This is the email I just sent to the author of that article posted in my original post:


    Mr. Case,

    I sent you an email last week regarding your “Ten Failed Tech Trends…” article. Not sure if you read it or not, but I disagreed that SLI/Crossfire was a failure and said I would conduct a poll on the adoption rate over at Forumz and follow up with you on the results.

    Here are the results of the poll. Keep in mind that these forums are mainly trolled by enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Obviously this is not a “scientific” poll, but it’s useful nonetheless. The poll has been going on for 7 days now and has no end date.

    Are you currently using a SLI or Crossfire configuration?
    25% said Yes
    74% said No
    54 people voted

    I’d say that SLI/Crossfire has been extremely successful among enthusiasts and hard core gamers. A 25% penetration rate is actually pretty damn good. Again, nVidia and ATI’s target market isn't and never will be the “average PC user.” Both companies have said all along that SLI/Crossfire is for the enthusiast niche.

  41. I just received this email from the author of that article:

    I certainly can appreciate all the legwork you're doing. But it's not quite true that Nvidia and ATI are pushing dual graphics cards only for the enthusiast space. We keep hearing, especially from Nvidia, about low cost SLI, bringing SLI to the masses with dual 6600's and other similar marketing hype. That's pretty silly.

    So if dual graphics cards really were being pushed only for high end gamers, I might agree with you. But that's not the marketing message we're getting, at least not from Nvidia.

    Best regards,

    Loyd Case
    Ziff-Davis Media

    He has a point. However, my definition of an enthusiast or hard core gamer is anyone who isn't using integrated graphics for gaming. Since the vast majority of video cards/chips (Something like >80%) sold in computers are integrated solutions, a meager 20% is certainly enough to qualify as the "masses" nVidia is probably refering to, is it not? When someone sets out to buy a video card- they're doing it to play games! This the 20% of "masses" I'm refering to. And in this 20% I believe the adoption rate of SLI/Crossfire is 20-25%.

    The point is anyone who buys a computer with an integrated solution isn't buying a computer for gaming. These type of people buying computer for the internet, office work, and solitare. They lie somewhere else "above" the masses.

    I'd like to thank Mr. Case for hearing me out on this topic. :-) Good man...

  42. It is all about the HYPE!, MAN!!! All about the hype...
  43. only stupid ppl get dual main stream cards! for the same price they can get lower highend with even more performance than the duals. eg 2x6600gt vs 7800gt
  44. Agreed. SLI on a 6600 is silly... still it's nice to know you have the option.

    Overall SLI is a good thing, no one can argue against that.

  45. true, but when 6600gt sli was introduced, 7800gt was not an option. Also the 6600gt in sli is the sli configuration that benifites the highest % increase in performence overall

    part from that, the 7800gt is the best choise at this time.. I could aaalmost get two of those now compared to what i paid for my 7800gtx at launch, and i got it for company-co-worker prices, (profit free for them) ;)

    i still think sli has some significant features apart from 'just' the performance increase, this is all in my optinion of course. I highly appreciate singlecard configurations too, both sides have pros and cons
  46. i dont want to vote, i want a SLI system, but i don't have the money :D
  47. SLI/Crossfire maybe not a trend but certainly not a failure. Sure the setup can cost the costumer an arm and a leg. But the benefit of it are well very satifying, I never heard someone complaining about his/her system after getting SLI/Crossfire. Having these dual card setup have some advantage over the single grahics card systems in terms of performance and quality. These are mainly for gamers alike and those who can afford it. It's not a mainstream, yet. Sure a decent single graphics card can run games like FEAR and BF2 at high settings but only 1280x1024 resolution. However at higher resolution like 1600x1200 the single card gets toll and it's performance is affected drastically making its framerates count lower than the "eye-candy" barrier. That's when SLI/Crossfire come in.
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