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what do you think of it and compare it to the g7
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  1. i just got a g5 and the only thing i dont like is the scroll button it skips at times... i play fps games and i use scroll button to switch weapons one click should switch the weapon but sometimes it doesn't respond to it. i also noticed it while scrolling up and down a document or web browser. it will randomly skip and not scroll until the next click.
    i am wondering, is this common problem in g5 or maybe i got a faulty mouse?
  2. I had a G5 for a while. Upgraded to MX Revolution. The G5 is a solid mouse for the price. I believe they just upgraded it also with an extra button. Make sure you get the newer revision.
  3. I personally like it a lot. It's not for everyone though. Go to a nearby retail store and test drive one if you can. It's big and bulky, but extremely precise. They're coming out with a new G9 model in the next month too, check it out.
  4. Personally, I don't mind my G5 mouse. however, I do not like how the scroll button doesn't work the best. especially at times when I need it. Otherwise, the mouse seems fine to me.
  5. yeah there is a new version that was just launched called the G9... it fixes all the issues that the G5 had...
  6. I haven't had any noticeable problems with mine. I read a while back that the old G7(green one) had problems, but apparently they were fixed with the new black one. I got it at a great price too. ($30(CND) at a FS sale)

    It's a great mouse IMO, Works great, feels great, can't find anything wrong with it.
  7. I've had my G5 for a while and it's great. I bought a Razer Diamondback with my laptop and like it to but the on-the-fly sensitivity for the G5 is far superior. It is a bit bulky compared to the diamondback but still comfortable. The new revision of the G5 has a second thumb button too which is great and was pretty much the only big downfall of the G5.

    Skittle the G9 is a completely new mouse, it's not a "new version" of the G5
  8. cb62fcni said:
    ...It's big and bulky...

    Huh? Are we talking about the same thing?
  9. i love the texture of it
    it helps if you sweat alot lol
  10. aziraphale said:
    Huh? Are we talking about the same thing?

    I think so! Compared to most other mice, especially a low-profile mouse like the diamondback, the g5 IS rather big and bulky. I personally like it like that.

    To clear confusion, there's a new version of the G5 that's essentially the same thing with a new paintjob and an extra button.

    The G9 is an entirely new design that looks VERY big and chunky, but should be interesting. It goes all the way up to 3200 dpi resolution, but costs roughly 100 retail.

    http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mice_pointers/mice/devices/3053&cl=us, en
  11. The G5 Version 2 has an extra thumb button, and also fixes the problem with the inaccurate scroll wheel. (Version 2 is the blue crackle texture one.)

    I have one and absolutely love it. Very accurate, very smooth. I like being able to customize the weight of it; I used to think I played best with a lighter mouse, but found after experimenting that with this mouse I play much better with it weighted medium to heavy. In FPS games it improves my accuracy as the extra mass cuts down on twitch mistakes, but it glides so smoothly that the extra weight doesn't bog the mouse down.

    I don't use the adjustable dpi setting very much, but when I do it works well.
  12. I got one, it games great.

    I'd defiantly recommend the G5
  13. The new revision G5 basically has the same button placement and feel as the older MX518, which was also a very good gaming mouse.

    Personally, I too, just recently picked up a G5 rev. 2 for my gaming rig, and I also must say that I am impressed with the build. The "Bulky" ergonomic feel to it makes me more comfortable than the Razer Copperhead that I had been using (I got hooked on that feel after I bought my MX1000...).

    The bigger selling point to me though, is the weights. I prefer having the capability to add or subtract weight to increase the control of my mouse. I guess I should add that I would have gotten a G7, but I prefer wired mice for gaming.
  14. I love mine. I stepped "down" from an 800dpi logitech wireless and wasn't sure if I would like going back to a wired mouse. However I just stapled the cord to the underside of my desk to keep it out of the way and I LOVE it. the only down side is the single back button.

    On a side note, it did just die. I used it to play bf2142 one night and when I turned on the computer the next day, it didn't work. Sent it back to newegg for replacement. Hopefully the new one I get will be revision 2 :)
  15. i have had 2 g5 mice.. now on my 2nd one the same thing is hapenning again.. whenever i go to play games.. (counter-strike 1.6).. the mouse with shut off for a few seconds.. idk why maybe something is wrong with my game or my mouse. if any of you have an idea of whats wrong. please email me at blondi3_omg@hotmail.com
  16. Gray G5 here. Thing is perfect if not for the vertical scroll imprecision.

    To the above poster, any USB mouse flashes off and on if the cord is damaged or if the motherboard USB controller is flaky. The G5 cord seems pretty durable, so try a different USB slot.
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