Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Firmware Problems

Does anybody know where I can get Bios files and update utilities for the Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1? (Or any Creative Soundcard for that matter.) The official Creative Labs website does not provide such a service.

My Windows XP SP 2 suddenly started to detect my Live! as a Value! and then the system freezes up. This happens everytime I boot with the card still in the system. This is a typical Firmware error!

I know that Creative Labs are being very incompetent about providing bios tools. This can be seen across some of the more prominent forums on the internet regarding this issue. That is why I want to know if anybody might know where to find some files to fix this problem...and probably the problems of millions of other Creative customers around the world!

-Dissapointed Creative Customer
Cape Town, South Africa
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  1. Welcome ZeFsLaNg,
    A while ago my friend was dead sure he's got 5.1. but when we looked it up it was CT4670 : value version
    I would not jump too quick to conclusion it's a firmware problem
    First of all check the model number of your card and make sure it is 5.1 not a value.
    Anyway, see this article for some reference
    Apparently, technically, you can modify existing EEPROM.
    Hope that helps ;)
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