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Hi, can anyone help. I want to get nvidia 6600 graphics card but have been told it needs it's own power supply from the PSU. I dont have any sockets in my PSU but there are a number of leads hanging from it with sockets on the ends which are attached to nothing. Could anyone tell me if they are what I need to attach the power lead from the card to. Thanks
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  1. I use an Asus 6600 AGP card.

    Check the power connector on one of your hard drive.
    That is the type of power connector you need.
  2. what kind of GeForce 6600 my dad has 1 it has no power connecter?
  3. I have a 6600 and the lead from the card should have a white connector with either pins or holes in it .

    Anyway...... All you need to do is find one of those sockets that is hanging free that has corresponding leads in it and is the opposite fit i.e. if the card is male then find a female.

    Don't worry if there are more leads in the free socket so long as it has at least the corresponding ones i.e. if the card has a black and a red the opposite join has to have a black and red that will line up.

    Sorry this is garbled, all holes, pins and cables but it's hard to describe .
  4. My MSI NX6600 use power connector like floppy disk.
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies. With your help I have now managed to connect my new card a Sparkle Nvidia 6600 256meg and it works fine. I found the loose cables inside the box, found one that looked like it would fit and it went straight in. It seems to have cured the screen problems so I am now happy again. Thanks again for your help.
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