SLI 7800GT or one GTX?

If I buy two 7800GT's for SLI would that be better than one 7800GTX? The two GT's cost more than one GTX. Just wanted to know.
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  1. I would strongly recomend 1 GTX its cheeper and it will proform faster on everygame rather then the SLI that shows proformance on a few games
  2. Thanks, I think I will buy just one GTX. Which company; eVGA, BFG, or XFX? I think I'm leaning toward XFX.
  3. i bought XFX , mine comes OC'ed and has a double lifetime warranty while OC'ed which is awsome It runs great too.
  4. I got an XFX GT Oclocked and dont have any complaint at all. Cant really tell you about the other brands... :roll:
  5. <BFG 7800GTX OC> :D why? because thats what ive got.. :P anyways to tell you frankly it really doesnt matter which one you choose. those brands we recommend are good guality cards and also have full lifetime warranty.. if other cards are clocked better then you can cranked it up a little higher too.. what i mean is theres verry little effect on performance in real life.. hope this helps. :wink:
  6. I have 2 XFX 7800 GTX's... factory overclocked to 490mhz core and 1.3ghz memory. I love 'em! They run stable at 504Mhz Core and 1.35Ghz memory- no extra cooling. Not a bad overclock.

  7. evga cauz u can overclock the crap outta them, and if they wont go high enough, you can burn them, beat on them, sit on them, and then demand a new one via its unnecessarily nice warranty
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