Problem with DDR RAM in AstRock M/B

P4(1.7 Ghz, 400 FSB)
M/B(AstRock P4I845GV)
RAM(256+256 MB DDR-1(Kingstone))
AGP FX 5200

it shows in BIOS
DDR1-133 Mhz(DDR266)
DDR2-133 Mhz(DDR266)

256 MB in 1 slot, shows

DDR1-133 Mhz(DDR266)

is it common fact in all PCs? or w'd there be change with other Mother boards? Can i get more speed in this RAM(>133MHz per slot)
what w'd be a better upgrade plan for this config. (changing like cpu, m/b or AGP)(this would be a pc for low-mid range gaming)

a rapid solution, plz.
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  1. First of all, this doesn't belong in the CPU forum.

    Second of all, could you be a little clearer? "is it common fact in all PCs?" What do you mean? What are you trying to ask?

    As for the upgrade, hell, that whole PC from top to bottom is crap by today's standards. You'd probably be best aiming at upgrading the graphics card if you want to game on it, but that's still going to be pretty sad. And as for your next question, which graphics card to use, take that to the graphics card forum please.
  2. Your post makes absolutely no sense.
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