NF4 board for Athlon 64 or X2 with AGP

I have a GF4 6800 GT (APG I believe) that I don't want to replace. Seems like any of the N4F boards I look at for a new Athlon 64 or 64X2 system don't have an AGP slot. Suggestions?
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  1. I don't think you are going to find a board with the nForce4 and AGP, but there's a number of boards out there based on the nForce3 chipset that support socket 939 A62 and X2 chips - and have AGP slots. Also, there have been a lot of good reports on the Uli chipsets... another option.
  2. there are about 4 agp socket 939 boards on newegg. there are no socket 939 boards with pci express. i say buy a cheepo nforce 3 board and then upgrade when your card wears out.
  3. No socket 939 boards with pci-e?

    <takes the crack out of ur pipe>

    Might want to check again. =)
    I've gotten 3 boards from newegg that had pci-e and 939 nf4...

    Did u mean no nf3 939 boards with pci-e?
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