external USB hd enclosure and power management/suspend???


I have some noname external USB hard drive enclosure. When I shut down my PC or if it goes into suspend, the external HD keeps spinning and never powers down or at least turns off the motor of the HD. I have to physically turn it off. Would be nice, if I didn't have to do this and this thing would just turn the HD motor off.

I was wondering, if such a feature is dependent on the type of enclosure and if yes, if you can recommend one, that actually supports some sort of power management?

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  1. If it helps any, in the lab I worked in we used to have Apricorn EZ Bus Mini drives that were powed by USB. This could be a solution for you as the drive power downs with the PC.

    We used those drives a few years back, but they were very quiet and dependible, I'm sure they have higher capacity for now, now go get your google on!
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