Workstation cards for gaming?

Hey all,

Out of pure curiosity, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on using workstations cards (Quadro's, FireGL's) for gaming? Do they fare better overall or in precision or what?

If you have a real-world system, I'd especially like to hear your opinion.

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  1. this is like the 5th thread concerning this in the past 2 weeks...basically a workstation card is a highend card with "pro" drivers that allow it to do specail apps and shit. these drivers suck at gamin. so get the gaming card and bios flash if u want to go workstation
  2. Yes, Quadros are geforces with special drivers, FireGLs are Radeons with special drivers.

    Pro cards do not game better than gaming cards, in fact they game worse because the drivers are not optimized for games.
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