Will this blow up my computer?

I just purchased a new power supply (Dynex DX-PS500W). The PSU is sucking air from the side and the space between my CPU cooler and the PSU is about 2cm. Is this set-up ok or will my computer blow up/die? 8O

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  1. ur psu may get hot... take off the green thing if ur that worried about it, it should have been the same with the old psu, most are the same size... at least the heights are
  2. The green thing directs the airflow from the cpu out. My old power supply had a fan in the back, not the side.
  3. im not sure, u may way to take off the green thing... if theres a fan in the front of the case there will be plenty of airflow, if not consider buying one... that is kinda close it may cause the psu to overheat and could ruin ur comp...
  4. This is what it looks life after removing the green flap:

  5. 1 does that fan blow in or out? i assume its blowing in because theres no fan on the heatsink?...

    2 do u have a fan in the front of ur case?..

    im starting to believe that the psu will get enough airflow to keep it cool, due to the fact that on any given computer the hot air off the heatsink gets sucked up by the psu fan up top, so im starting to believe that since ur hot air gets blown out the back that enough air will get through to that bottom psu fan (with the green thing on)
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