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Hi folks,

I never used USB memory stick before.

I'm going to purchase an USB memory stick and expect to receive some advice on its selection.

- to install/run Linux, such as Damn Small Linux, Feather Linux, etc,
- size of the application is about 50~80MB

The PC used to run the stick may not have boot USB function. Please advise. TIA

Should addition inform is need please inform me to furnish the same. Furthermore what are CF card and card reader? Do I need them?

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  1. It might have been THG site, several months back, someone reviewed teh feasibility of running Linux variants completely from the USB flash drives, and I remember Damn SMall Linux being one of them, so it is quite possible....

    (They were using systems capable of booting from them, however...)
  2. Hi mdd1963,

    Tks for your advice.

    My problem is about selecting the right device/component. Googel search found me many brands. I need some advice on their selection.

    - read and write speed
    - compatibility with Linux
    - etc.

    Advice would be appreciated. TIA

  3. Your motherboard has to support booting from USB. You can check in your bios boot options. Support and bios options differ so you'll have to look around and see. You can get in the bios by pressing the 'del' or perhaps 'F1' or 'F2' screen when the computer first boots. (Just in case you didn't know!!)

    A compact flash card is a digital memory storage medium used in digital cameras, PDAs and such. A sony memory stick, smart card, and secure digital are other types of cards.

    Some sites I've used in the past:



    You could also try booting from CD with Knoppix. There are a ton of distros available and I like that better than USB.

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