My freind recently got me a 6800GT pulled from a system but when i connect it to mine or my freinds computer the display is all garbled and i cannot read anything.
I've tried the 2 ports DVI and AGP but no success.
My old Radeon works fine in the same system.
Its got a NV silencer 5 with it, i cannot get past the boot screen as i can barely read anything and i can tell my hard drive isnt loading up the operating system.

My system specs are: 400w PSW, Asus p4s800D motherboard, 160gb maxtor SATA HD, P4 presscott 3.0ghz, Optorite 8x dvd rw.

Any help would b v much appreciated as i dont even know where to start :cry:

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  1. probably overheating, the aftermarket cooler could have come loose when u were transfering it between cases, try reattaching it and applying new thermalpaste...
  2. Hi

    i've taken the AV 5 off, cleaned, then reapplied thermal paste appropriately but i still get the same prob.

  3. hmm well i its him and his friend that pretty much singles out the card... unless his friend system has a cheap psu as well but the card mst likely went bad from overclocking too far which would explain how u got it... try underclocking it to see if it runs at lower specs
  4. if your card has phisically got damaged then nothoing to do. There is a possibility that you mobo gives out too much voltages to your AGP slot, try lowering it or like someone suggested change your power supply. If you don't have a new power supply try removing all hardware that is not needed for running bios(HDD,FDD, CD etc) then you see if it boots up normally to bios

    tell me how it went

    sry my english :)
  5. oh yes i didnt think of that either, u and ur friend may have a 4x or lower agp slot, which run at much higher voltages than 8x does (.8 compared to 1.5 i believe? somthing along those lines...) so the card could be overvolting which you would manually need to change in bios, if that isnt the case and u underclock it and still get artifacts, u got a ruined card which is probably why it was pulled out of the computer u got it from :P
  6. i not sure if its the psw, Nvidia reccomend atleast 350w :?: . im guessin the card is busted, alothough there doesnt seem to be any physical damage.

    I can get past boot and as soon as i see the asus logo the display goes all fuzzy & Garbled. :x

  7. i bet ur board is 4x which is 1.5v current agp 8x card are .8v (the 6800 is .8v) im guessing it ran 1.5 volts through the card and damaged it somewhat, if u underclock it, it may work fine just offer less performance... or it could be a total loss
  8. my comp is def x8 AGP,

    theres no way to underclock it as soon as i start the screen is messed :?
    and the system hangs.

    thanks for your replies.
  9. i have to admit the psw i got was with the case and its prob shit.
    im usin most of my molex connectors.
    My old 9600 runs fine in it.
    do the 6800GT really need that much more power? 8O
    Isnt it a bit extream if the cards not gettin enuf power? i thought they wudnt even let the system boot.

  10. i think the 6800 was one of the least energy efficent cards, 7800gtx uses less energy, with that said, run out and get a nice brand name psu, and liek i said in one of my first posts, unplug EVERYTHING except HD and video card, unplug optical drives, all other hd's expect the one windows is on and everything from the sound card, then try to boot. if it boots then you know your not getting enough power, if not then its somthing different, either unplug it all or go out and just buy a new psu
  11. Thanks dude i've been reading around and u seem to be right, i'll ask a few m8s and see if i can try it on their more powerful systems first thing 2morrow.... :)

    I appreciate all the speedy relpys!!! :D
  12. good luck and tell us how it works..
  13. hi

    i did wat u said to disconnect anythin that isnt necessary like drives, lights etc. But im still getin the same problem, although i think im able to get into my bios now but with still some lines goin across the screen. Its just about readable.
    It still wont boot into xp tho, just hangs on a black screen but the green light on my monitor is still on. :?:
    Im goin to test it on my freinds later on today....

  14. did you install the drivers correctly? :roll: probably that is cause by a messed up driver installation but I'm not sure. don't quote me. :)
  15. lol,
    i get the lines in my bios aswell, i dont think
    its the drivers , if it wer the drivers it wud onli affect it in windows shuldnt it? :?:
  16. try reinstalling windows, if its hanging windows may be corrupt... if not get a new psu, if neither of those work ur SOL
  17. can you make a pictur of your screen?
    I had a problem with too high voltage myself with a Quadro 4 900 xgl, I overclocked my previous card and didn't lower the AGP voltage and had same kind picture and hanging when booting to win xx like you described. Only +0,2V was enough for it not to work, I lowerd the voltage to normal and "heureka" it works :)
  18. sure thing.


    the boot screen was different on my m8s he had lines goin across


    after that i get different types of blotches and garbled squares etc.
  19. Cool 8) ... it looks like a sort of "Matrix" codes
  20. lol may look good but its driving me nuts!

    i've looked on the side of my psu an i've got the spec of it.

    made by ENCA


    +3.3v - 26A

    +5.0v - 30A

    +12v - 12A

    dont know alot about psu's but is this alrite?

    i know the prescotts p4 need power like anything.

    N e 1 with any ideas :?:

  21. ive personally never heard of ENCA, u may wanna try and pick up a brand name 400 watt psu, if that doesnt fix it u can always return it
  22. I doubt its the powersupply, the card usually will start up, just not at the normal clockspeeds, and when you enter windows will say that your card isnt running at full speeds due to lack of power, its not a problem with windows, its something to do with the card, or the card/motherboard,

    have you tried moving the card around, I have had horrizontal lines accross my screen for poor placement, maybe you have the card partly out or so.
  23. oh yea didnt think about that, try laying your case on the side and see if that does anything... theres so many things it could be lol
  24. hey peps

    i've tried the card on a different machine (one with a 350w psu) and its boots up into windows but i have lines down the middle of the screen about an inch apart. These dont move and just remain there. If i turn fastwrite off the system locks up and crashes...

    but at least first step i got it in 2 windows! :D
  25. Check the following:
    1 - the 6800GT requires an additional molex connection, be sure that is connected, and yes, it does require the extra power.
    2 - remove any old display drivers before trying to boot the system with the 6800GT in it. begin with only windows VGA drivers.
    3 - verify that the psu is at least 350 watts, > than 400 preferred.
    4 - verify that psu supplies minimum of 30 amps on 12v line
    5 - make sure all settings in BIOS are default, no overclocking the FSB, PCI, or AGP clock, make sure all video setting are default or auto as well.
    6 - ensure that the card is properly seated in the slot and is secured.

    To clarify, whether the mobo is 8x or 4x AGP, if the card fits in the slot (check the notches) it will work and should post and boot the OS.

    The fact that the card powers up, the machines POSTs, the OS boots, my best guess would be that it's a driver/software issue.
  26. 12A on the 12V line is really low, new power supply is probably a good idea
  27. Im not sure its a driver issuse coz i get messed up artifacts in the bios, unles the Nvidia card has gone, yer i'll try a new psu, but u reckon there could b damage to the card?

    thanks for all the help! :D
  28. there could be, buying a new psu will prove that its a damaged card or not..
  29. Quote:
    hey peps

    i've tried the card on a different machine (one with a 350w psu) and its boots up into windows but i have lines down the middle of the screen about an inch apart. These dont move and just remain there. If i turn fastwrite off the system locks up and crashes...

    but at least first step i got it in 2 windows! :D

    If you have got it to work but are still getting those lines down the middle the card is Im affraid no good. Throw in the gutter and go buy another.
  30. Hi just wondering would it be worth it if i flashed the 6800GT bios?
  31. Couldnt hurt, might as well. Stranger things have happened.
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