Hey, I have a custom build pc, and I get random BSOD's while surfing the web or playing games. I am running Windows 7 RC... Will buying the Windows 7 release fix my problems or do you guys think its more of a hardware problem?

MSI 790GX board
Radeon 4890
4g Kingston ddr3
Amd 3.0Ghz Phenem Quad Core


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  1. Provide us an error code and we can actually help you identify the problem. The RTM version of 7 probably won't do anything for these bluescreens, as most are usually caused by either hardware faults, or buggy drivers. I do fully encourage you to get the RTM version of 7 anyway though, as there is no reason to continue using the RC anymore.
  2. Well the last time it was "IRQ not less than or equal"... There are other ones, I just can't remember them right now. It usually happens when I'm trying to multitask such as load a video while playing a full screen game. It sometimes just BSOD's randomly, when I'm away from the computer and its just sitting at the desktop doing nothing. Thank you for your quick response.
  3. That will either be a driver problem, or you have a ram stick(s) failing. Download and burn a copy of MemTest86+ and run a RAM test.
  4. Well I ran the MemTest86+ and it says my ram is 100% Okay. Could it be my motherboard? Ughh every time I see that BSOD I want toss this comp out of a moving car
  5. Update all of your drivers... Video, sound, network, chipset... everything. Does the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bluescreen specify a file name further down the error page? If there is one there, it would really help in pinpointing the problem.
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