no POST beep with new system

my system is as follows:

Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI deluxe (i think)
Leadtek GeForce 7800GT Extreme Edition
AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3800+
Crucial 1GB DDR PC3200 RAM

ive carefully assembled everything and tried all the usual stuff of taking out the excess stuff. Ive also tried to use the guru panel to see if it can acess info about the main components needed to pass the POST but it all seems fine: i just cant hear the main beep and get into BIOS! any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
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  1. Ensure video card is fully seated (with power off, of course, at PS switch), and it's supplental molex pwr input is connected (a free one, not a split one with a hard drive)...

    Ensure aux cpu pwr input is connected on mb, the cpu absolutely needs it...(Older ATX pwr supplies may not have this connector, but new ones will, and all modern MBs need it!)

    Ensure heat sink fan is on corect "cpu fan" header...

    Ensure your mem is in correct slot, might want to attempt one stick operation in the approved slot, the mb may only work with single stick if it is in a specific slot, which is common..

    Ensure you have a known good ps...slave in another of sufficient wattage, if you have a spare, although yours should be enough....!
  2. ive tried all that and still nothing (btw, i only have one stick of RAM). Ive got a POST counter on my mobo, maybe the code on that means something?? its sticks on CF when its like this... any other suggestions?
  3. sorry for double posting but ive just found out: the motherboard only supports X2 processors with an updated bios apparently, dont know which one and i have no idea on how to get it onto the motherboard.... any ideas?

    found it! just dont know how to actually install it onto the motherboard, anyone got any ideas on how to do that?
  4. It will vary from mb to mb maker, but many will require you have/make a bootable floppy, and some allow it to be updated within WIndows (MSI)...

    You might have to borrow a single core procesor to install it, obviously, although I'd expect the BIOS support issue mainly to resolve the use of the dual core issue, and correclty identifying the X2 series, I would not expect it to not POST with a dually....

    Check Abit's website for the download and instructions...should be under downloads and/or support
  5. okies, thanks, ive sent them an email quizzing them about it, it diesnt mention anything about it, thanks for all the help mate!
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