EVGA Geforce 7800 GT (256MB), video issues, please help!

Hello, this is my first time posting on Tom's...

My 7800GT runs games like DOOM 3, Halflife-2 and BattleField-2 without issue... Almost perfect infact. Instead my issue comes from running a few of the older titles that are still considered Direct X 9 compatible. While playing these games, I've had cronic issues with the video becoming unstable and stuttering after 10-30 minutes of play.

-Neverwinter Nights & Expansion packs. (Stutters after 10 minutes, and gets worse the more I play, changing the graphics settings in game does nothing to stop this)

-Jediknights: Knights of the old Republic. (Looks and plays like molassis from the get go)

-Battle Field 1942. (Seams to run "ok", but then my system randomly restarts)

System specifications.

-Athalon Dual Core 4400.
-EVGA Geforce 7800 GT SLI (256MB), one card only.
-ASUS A8N-SLI Mother Board.
-Sound Blaster Live 24 bit.
-2 Gigs of Kingston SDRAM.
-Twin Raptor Serial ATA Harddrives (RAID 0).
-450 Watt Coolermaster PSU.

Please note, that all system drivers, MB bios, game patches, and windows updates are current. (Right from the MFR's websites) I've run HD-tune, and Memtest86 without seeing any errors what so ever. Changing the "Video Hardware Acceleration" and "Write Combining" does nothing. The only small thing I've seen askue is the fact that I am getting crappy performance numbers from 3DMark06, and considering the potential of a system like this, I'm very concerned. Almost feels like it's a video memory leak cause by the system drivers.

P.S. Tweeking the bios settings hasn't yelded any results either, and in Taskmanager my "System Idle Process" is at 49-50% while the game is at 49-50%. I know this isn't normal.

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  1. I've tried setting NWN.exe to affinity CPU # 2, and this seams to have "solved" the issue.

    Basicly with two CPU's, something is the drivers isn't liking the dual core structure very much and ismessing up big time if the "System Idle Process" and NWN.exe are on the same CPU.

    At the very least, that's my underlying theroy...
  2. you might try a newer driver. If you go to 3dguru you can download drivers that have not been released yet. I am currently running 83.40 driver for my 7800GT and it runs great.
  3. I've looked into serveral of these drivers, but have been a bit concerned with their stability being that they are so new.
  4. I am running 83.40 right now and it seems to be very stable. I haven't had any problems. I can run BF2, HL2, and Quake 4 maxed out with no problems. With your system it should eat those games alive. You may have something running in the background. I would also call tech support for your card and see if they can pin point the problem.

    3500+ winchester
    MSI neo 4 plat sli
    2gigs OCZ plat ram 1T
    BFG 7800GT OC
    74gig raptor
    36gig raptor
    500W Ultra PSU
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