Quake 4 SLI scores? Confussed!

I'm hoping someone can help me figure something out.

Reading the VGA charts VIII (Winter) and looking at the scores of Quake4 I noticed that they use Ultra Quality.

I've just built my SLI 7800GT 256Mb extreme (450MHz) gaming system and when I try and use ultra quality I get the worst slide-show I've ever seen :(

The game is running from an IDE raid stripe (2x Maxtor 120Gb 7200rpm) and the HD LED is constantly on.

It doesn't make a difference with or without AA the effect is the same slide show. Using High Quality with 4xAA is fantastic it's just the ultra setting which is hopeless.

In all cases the resolution is 1024x768.

Q4 is patched to 1.0.4

Can someone please explain how tomshardware got over 100fps with the SLI'd 7800GTX 256Mb using 1024x768 AND 4xAA AND 8xAF and I get a slide show?

I know the game says it uses over 500Mb of textures but that dosen't explain the VGA chart results?

Are they using a daethmatch demo with a lot less detail?

<My system config>
Athlon 64 3500+
1024Mb - 2x Corsair 512Mb CAS2 DDR400
ASUS A8N 32 SLI - nForce 4 SLI 16
80Gb SATA Maxtor 7200RPM (Boot Drive)
2x 120Gb IDE Maxtor 7200RPM (RAID stripe - nForce controller)
SLI - 2x XFX 7800GT 256Mb @450MHz (stock speed)
Philips Acoustic Edge (sound card)
16x LG DVD
Hiper Type-R PSU

Thanks for any suggestions :)

EDIT: Could it be lack of system RAM (2Gb required)?
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  1. It's because you only have 1GB RAM. Same goes with Doom 3, on Ultra 1.5GB+ is needed for non-slideshow. I can run Ultra and i get 40FPS with 1GB RAM but it pauses every few seconds to load into RAM, so I run at High at 1280x1024 w/ 4x AA and get 60FPS constant, there aint much difference between the 2 quality wise, at least from what I can see.
  2. Thanks for that, I was getting a little dispondent after building my new system and not being able to run at the best quality. I had convinced myself it was because they were only 256Mb cards :lol:

    Like you said High quality looks really good anyway. It's nice to know that if in the future I decide I want to have ultra I only have to add 1Gb of RAM rather than replace my VGA cards :idea:

    Thanks for putting my mind at rest :)

    Looking forward to QW: Enemy Terretory again now :lol:
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