Realtek onboard sound Issues with reversing my speakers!

So when I connect my surroundsound headset to my front panel soundjack I get reversed sound playback, ie: Front is back and left is right. This IS very confusing when playing my Fav FPS's and I cant just flip my headset around because then I cant use the mic on it.

Im using an MSI Neo3 mobo with Realtek AC97 integrated audio.
I already tried opening up my box, and flipping the connection on the mobo to the front soundjack that resulted in no change. So I downloaded the new drivers from realtek site and still no change.

Im hoping someone here has had this problem before and knows what to do...

dont know if this helps but the rear soundjack only has playback in the left ear.
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  1. It's one of two things.
    1. you have your headset on backwards. :D

    2. you have the audio ports on that plug into the motherboard backwards. :D
  2. Ok.. so its not 1. and im pretty sure its not 2. but let me just make sure,
    The audio ports on that plug into the motherboard is the square black piece of plastic about 1/2 inch in size and has Speaker written in white on it ? Usually a black and red wire attached? If this is it then I have already flipped it around and plugged it in the other way, to no avail.
  3. This means who ever made the case has them wired backwards. Three solutions really

    1. Get a hold of the case manufacture and find a solution.

    2. rewire the plug that you are plugging into the motherboard.

    3. rewire headset.
  4. It's not 1 and it's not 2. It's the realtek software. I'll be damned if I can find the setting. This seem to be a common problem with laptops. Wich means changing the speakers around is not possible. And to all those that say wear the headphones backwards, go out and spend 200 bucks on a decent pair of headphones. Then you can say wear the headphones backwards, you'll be an idiot but at least you'll understand where we are coming from.
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