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Because of the VERY favourable exchange rate at the moment for someone living in the UK to import stufff, I thought I would try just that. What are the recommended US suppliers that do international shipping? I know of NewEgg, but they dont ship outsiade the USA, and, which seem OK.

Also, importantly, are the comonents different for different power supplies, wehat with the UK running on 230V?
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  1. There is a switch on the back of powersupplies to work with your power. However, you will need an american plug to europe plug converter (try a travel shop). As for people who ship to europe I can not recomend anyone. Hope that helps any.
  2. Don't buy the converter in the US and ship. Instead, let the receiver in the UK go to a Tesco or similar store and pick up a one piece power cable and don't send the US cable at all since they won't be able to use it without a converter. A new UK cable is also less likely to have issues and would be less expensive then a quality converter + shipping on the US cable and converter solution.

    Modern PC power supplies are universal and will automatically adapt to the local supply voltage. They have universal "D" shaped, slender female plug on one end. The other end of the cable fits the local power receptacle style. USA is NEMA 5-15 style and UK is BS-1363 style.

    Older PC power supplies have a slide switch, (usually next to the power supply receptacle) where you can select one of the two voltage supplies, 115V - 120V or 230V-240V standards. Power cycle frequency is also automatic and will choose between the range of 40Hz to 60Hz.
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