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I cannot uninstall scrabble frommy hard drive. What do I do?
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  1. You'll just have to play it forever till your fingers are bleeding.

    What happens when you try to uninstall it? Did you try to delete the files manually for it? List any error messages that come up.
  2. WildTargent games usually come with some kind of adware, but before that, download Revo Uninstaller, try to uninstall it using the "advanced" method, clean up the rest of the junk it leaves behind.

    After that, I know that Spybot S&D is very ruthless to WildTargent files, so let that scan, and delete any WildTarget/WildGames file it finds.

    Time to remove the rest of the junk: download CCleaner, adjust your options for cleaning up your files, and then scan your registry for problems and more junk (though you shouldn't find much or anything related to WildTargent at this point).

    I know my instructions suck, but give it a try if you can. :)
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