Best INTEL SOCKET 478 Motherboard???

Just curious, im ripping parts out of my shuttle XPC and putting them in a new case. In able to run my p4 3.0 i need a new motherboard. What is the very best socket 478 motherboard i can buy??? Thanks

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  1. In my personal opinion, it's this board:

    I used to have one. I recently upgraded to an AMD dual core processor; I sold the MSI board on eBay and damn near got $100 for it on eBay. No joke.

  2. I'd recommend looking at socket 478 boards with Intel 865PE chipset - personally I've had two MSI Neo-2S boards and are very happy with them - stable as a rock. Also had a Gigabyte board that is equally good.
  3. i'd recommend going for something with PCI-E since you need a new mobo anyway. Don't go for AGP. you'll get screwed with a 7800gs :roll:

    i believe asus has 3 different pci-e mobos,
    here is one i got:

    However, if you need more than 2 dimms of ram you might want to choose a different model.
  4. check this one out I am using it with my 3.4 northwood and it ROCKS. got a 650 tv tuner card from ATI does all my tv and recording.

    great upgrade to top out your 478 proc and add some htpc features to boot
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