Limited Selection for PSU please help

I'm looking for a power supply for my comp. I'm going to be overclocking my AMD 3000+ and my 6600GT.

I live in Canada and I can't ship things to my residence, so I have to goto a computer store.
Here are my selections:

Thermaltake TR2420 420W
Thermaltake TR2470 470W
Vantec ION 400W Silent Dual Fan
Vantec ION2 460W
Thermaltake TR2500 500W

These are only a last resort, if the ones above aren't too great and me having to spend a little more:

Antec NeoHE430 High Efficiency 430W
OCZ Modstream 450W Modular
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  1. Go with either the OCZ or antec
  2. I cannot say with certainty if this is with all Thermaltake PSU's, so I won't, but the experience I've had with Thermaltake PSU's, the PSU Fans died after a few weeks of operation, so I would select an Antec PSU from your given options, all the ones I've had still work very good and the RAIL's are very stable (Plus they're cheap usually ^_^).
  3. I'm going to do some more looking around.

    What are the top brands and what should I be looking for in them?
  4. Pc power and cooling, OCZ, Fortron Source, Seasonic, Enermax, Antec
    are the top brands
    PC power and cooling have the best PSU's but they are $$$
    OCZ falls just under PC P&C
    Either of the above make good products just research what you need and then research a PSU that will run your system reliablity also a few extra watts would be nice for future upgrades
  5. Thank you so much, I really don't want to make a mistake with the PSU.

    I found a Seasonic S12 and

    Enermax EG375P NoiseTaker
    Enermax EG465P
    Enermax EG495P

    Anybody had any past experiences with these suckers?
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