7800GS in stock?!?!?!

i went to Fry's Electronics today; i saw Geforce 7800GS for AGP
it was evga product; i couldn't even find 7800gs from evga website.
it was being sold for $349.99; 7800gt for pci-e was listed 449.99
yea.. fry's is expansive
neways... they had about 20 on the shelves
is this 7800gs for agp real? or is it like... misprint? 6 to 7?
if it is real... anyone knows its spec? i couldn't find any spec from the box...
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  1. There were rumors of it, but I thougth nVidia said it was not right...

    Maybe we'll see a review soon

  2. i don't believe it, as far as i know they are only for pci express
  3. I mean the 7800 GS period
  4. The 7800GS does exist, but is very hard to find. Apparently, a few have managed to sneak out of the Nvidia labs. I know this sounds unbelievable, but here is a link to prove it:


    This card performs exactly on the midpoint between the 6800GS and the 7800GT. Basically, it is a 6800 Ultra using the 7800 series core.
  5. Sure it's real. SOme people in forums have been benching and posting pics already.

    Seems it's a 16 pipe card clocked 375/1200 and listing for $349. The BFG OC model is clocked 400/1250.

    I have seen 3 people on other forums claiming that they (the BFG's) are indeed on the shelves at CompUSA stores.


  6. Should be interesting to see major review sites compare the X850XTpe, 6800U and 7800GS for the battle for AGP supremacy. It will probably be close with the X850XTpe and 7800GS trading blows, but we shall see.

    One thing for sure is NV will be back in the game in high end AGP, but if street prices match the $350 retail price, bang for buck will still go to the X850XT for $100-$150 less.
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