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So im building new system ,check this out and post ur opinions.

MotherBoard : A8N-E Athlon 64FX/939 Socket
Processor : Athlon64 3500+ 939
Ram : 2 X 512 DDR
HDD : 250 GB Maxtor 7200rpm 8MB Sata II
GPU : Inno3D GeForce 6800 PCI-E 256MB DDR+DVI+TV-Out
Case : With small display to see temperature etc and 550 W PS

All this goes for about 745 Euros.
Post ur opinions ;]
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  1. Dont get a stock psu, newegg has a thermaltake 430w for a really good price, I expect you would be able to find it at a store that ships to wherever you are in Europe.
  2. Quote:
    Don't get the Maxtor hard drive, they're crap and break easiliy, consider Seagate or Western Digital. 6800GS is better than a plain 6800 and costs about the same.

    I'd have to agree, however there has been better success rates with teh SataII.

    I would go with a Seagate.

    If you want some better advice, post some links to where you plan to buy, we can rate with more depth with proper specs in front of us.
  3. I'd suggest the XClio 450BL ATX 450W Power Supply (you don't need anywhere near 550 or even 450 for that matter), Seagate Barracuda 250 GB HDD.
  4. also this case is a real good score - Antec Solution SLK3000-B Black Steel ATX Mid Tower
  5. you mean 70 dollers rough, GS=200 Vannilla=130(with rebate 150 original).
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