Do you prefer Single or Dual Core processors?

this is just out of curiosity, but i was wondering... out of the people who have actually used a Dual Core processor for whatever they do (gaming, office applications, or anything really... not just only read reviews and such)... many of those same people still prefer to use a fairly new Single Core processor to do the same things? (from within the last 2 years or so)... i know people say a Single Core CPU is money better spent right now if you dont do heavy multitasking, only run games, etc... just curious is all
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  1. just another deja vu :cry:
  2. sorry :(... wasnt intending to offend or upset anyone
  3. It's not really a preference, it just depends on what you need to use the processor for.
  4. Lol spammy :p
  5. Yea, there is a very Similar thread that I started. You should take a look at it because there's lots of good info over there.
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