last night it was a beauitful night and I had been toying with the idea to install Win7 on one of my computers, so I figured that I would get off my lazy ass and do it, figured if there were issues I'd have plenty of time to work them out, I must admit I was AMAZED! the whole process took less than a half hour, blank HDD to installed OS faster than anything I have seen in a long time, including my home net work, the other machines have XP, totally painless, think I'll spend today lurking arround in it and see where they put all the bells and whistles
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  1. This has been a shared sentiment amongst my PC buddies. After Vista we've all been reluctant to take another windows plunge but with the free trials MS was giving out earlier this year we all gave it a shot.

    It was a smooth as installing Linux. Never thought I'd say that about an MS OS.
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