Seeking info on Radeon 1900 cards on SLI board

Greetings. I am building a new system with an Asus P5ND2 SLI socket 775 MB. I had planned on putting in some Nvidia cards, but now I see Radeon is also up there. My question is, do the Radion 1900 cards work in SLI mode. Is the crossfire just a different name for the same functioning of the MB with multiple video cards? I can not seem to find this concrete info anywhere. I guess I want to know if all you have to do is buy a cross fire 1900 and a 1900 XT and bam it works. Please fill me in on the difference and what works and what is a top notch graphics solution for my system. I have the Intel 930 CPU with 1 gig of ram if that is an issue. Thanks to all for your assistance. Seems like I used to know all the video card stuff and now it has all just gone past me in the last few years of not working in an office.
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  1. Short and sweet.

    SLI (Scaleable Link Interface) is Nvidias design for Multi-GPU's
    Crossfire is ATI's design for multiple GPU's

    If you want a Crossfire ready setup, your going to need a Mastercard as well.
  2. I have the sli setup, and the plastic, not a problem. I was looking for info on the compatiblity of the cards and the MB I have. I buy what works well, look for a good value and deal but money is not the issue. I want to play Oblivion with highest detail possible.
  3. From this standpoint, none of us can truely tell you what will run Oblivion at highest settings. The most logical answer would be dual R580's or G71's in your case.

    If you havent bought the GPU's already, your best bet would be to just get a cheap PCI-E card to hold you now. Then pounce on the G71 when it appears (provided you have the $$) However Crossfire is here, and you can pickup 775 compatible MB's ( I think, I really havent paid that much attention to Intel lately)
  4. after readin some other posts, I am wondering then If I should wait and buy the dX 10 compatible 7900 or what ever comes out from Nvidia over the next few months. Sound reasonable?
  5. Sounds reasonable, but I wouldnt hold your breath on the 7900 being DX10 compatible bud...thats farther off than you think.
  6. wow, I have always found the non intel cpus to be a joke, but now I guess they are up there and in some cases even faster than the Intel, but very dear prices as well. just the mb and cup for the fx 60 was 1300. I got the intel 930 cpu, the mb, the ram, the cooler and 600 watt ps with the CL X-fi for under 850 shipped. With all this video card , does the cpu even come into play anymore?
  7. ok, I was just spitting back some of the stuff I just read. I dont really know myself. Maybe I should just get a pair of the Nvidia gt cards for now, what do you think, or is it stillbetter to get the 1900 xt and run 1 card? I could return all my parts and start again too. If you were going to build a system and had about 2 grand to spend, and I already have the 15k lvd raid and cd and dvd, monitors ect. what would you do. and by the way I do not play the online low res games, I only have satelite internet.
  8. My opinion.

    Why not, you could spring for an X1900. Just pick up a Crossfire
    motherboard if you intend on going for another card.

    And DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT forget, in order to utilize Crossfire
    You need to have a Crossfire edition master card.
  9. Haha yeah right; DX10 is awhile away.
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