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hi everyone...have a potetianlly stupid question here..i have a self built box..pentium 3 w/ht ...radeon x850 pro256 mb card...1024mb kingston hyperx asus board fried so i bought this new board til i switch to pci problem is that i get constant lockups and reboots...i've tried to update my bios...but when i get to the dos menu at bootup from my flopyy...i keep getting bad command prompts ...i'm totally confused..anyone have any suggestions?..i appreciate any help..thanks in advance :)
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  1. Ummm... did you reinstall windows or did u just throw the new board in and try to boot Windows?

    I ask because when you change motherboards on Windows, 9 times out of 10 you have to reformat. Now, if the board you have now has an identical chipset to the old Asus board, you might be OK.

    Anyways, let me know and I can further assist you.

  2. mpjesse,,thank you for your reply...i hadnt reformatted yet for several reasons...i've had to reformatt on several occasions and the last time i had to call microsoft for a new key because they said i had used my copy too many i want to reformat as a last resort...i really want to try updating my bios first and see if that does the trick..i've tried both formatted and formatted/startup disks with the aminf340 flash utility and the 041119.rom update..i cant get the the command to take when i type it in..i've tried back spaces..spaces inbetween name it i've tried it..cant figure out what i'm doing wrong here..i flashed my bios on my old asus board several times and never had a it possible to try a different flash utility?will the matsonic board recognize it?...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...i'm afraid that even if i reformat i'm still gonna be stuck with a 3 year old bios..thanks for your help sir...John
  3. Regardless of the BIOS update you're still going to get BSOD's and crashes if you're using a different chipset. So I'm afraid there's no good way to get around it.

    Is the chipset different in this board?

    As far as the BIOS utility, are you using the one that matsonic recommends? If so, I would definitely NOT use a different utility. What's the exact error message you get when you type the flash command?

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