Does pci riser/extension cords exist?

I found a site, or .com/

This site sells 'risers', that acts like a extension cord for PCI cards.

What I am not sure is, which one I am suppose to purchase.
(64bit, 32bit, etc.)

I have a Asus A8N32-SLi motherboard.

The slot set up is

PCIe 1x/4x
PCIe 16x
PCIe 16x
PCI <--- This slot needs the extension.

This is due to the cooling I have on my VGA cards that occupy both the PCIe 16x slots
and the PCI slot below them.
If I put in my sound card, the flow of air is highly reduced to either one of my VGA cards,
thus severe overheating may occur.

So I need to connect the input of the extension cord to the last PCI slot, and connect the
output of the extension cord to my PCI soundcard, so I can place it on a custom mount
I made on the bottom of my chasis/case.

Can you please advise me, which riser/extension I am suppose to buy?

I would also be greatful, if you could leave a comment on which sound card I should purchase. Something that isn't overly expensive (around or less then $100), and has
good quality... Easily said, best product that provides more bang for the buck.
Only soundcard I am familiar with is the Creative brand ones, such as the X-fi series.

Prethanks to the replies/help.
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  1. Ok i'm kinda slow so i don't know what your really trying to do but as for what we have on our motherboards they are 32-bit. But if i am understanding this corectly are you trying to move the slot to a different location ?
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