Computer Overhaul

Ok my pc is finally done.

Old Computer

P4 2.5 400mhz fsb northwood
512mb of ram don't know much other then Manufacture is PQI
Nvidia 5200fx 128mb AGP 8x
Intel 865 chipset/ Foxconn 865M01

New Computer

P4 3.2 800mhz fsb prescott
2gb DDR2 533 ram dual channel PQI
Nvidia 7800gt PCI-e 256mb
Intel 975x chipset/ Gigabyte GA-G1975X

So tell me what you think i'll have 3dmark scores sometime i just have to find were i put my key.
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  2. I'm sorry but you could not pay me to have an AMD system ok but i do respect the computers they are in as powerful machines and there owners. And i would ask you to return the favor.
  3. To Ruby: Be advised that you have been reported for forum abuse to the TG staff. If you have nothing constructive or useful to say, please save us all the headache of reading your tasteless posts.

    To the original poster:
    That sounds like a significant move up in system performance! You should be happy with the new system performance.

    I'm not knocking your selection, just relating my own personal experience and impressions. I respect everyone's choice of technologies but wonder why it is you don't like AMD? Bad prior experience? I have AMD now, and used to run intel. I had intel from my PII 350, all the way to my P4 2.26. I chose an AMD when the Prescotts became so power hungry, excessively hot, and expensive. ( I saw no need to risk my own personal chernobyl if the CPU cooler fails). Also, being a mechanical engineer I question the sanity of putting the pins in the CPU socket. (My own personal technical bias) Additionally, I found them less expensive when similar performance systems are equipped - but to each their own.

    You should get some good scores out of that one!! I also went with the 7800GT, great card!! Which card vendor did you go with? I went with eVGA because they're using higher engine and memory clock speeds right out of the box. No need to tinker with OC'ing the card and voiding the warranty!!.
  4. No it's just i have had an intel since the 486 then went to a pentium stayed with that for a while and then got a P3 then my former P4 and i guess after being intel for so long I can't really imangine anything else but i have friends with AMD's. But I also do alot of multitasking since my computer is the file server in my house and I also do heavy gaming and i have seen tests that show the Intels slow down less and loose less frames under heavy multitasking. And as for my card vendor i got the XFX and let me tell you the green light it gives off is cool and goes well with the black pcb board.
  5. if you wanted to multi task you shoulda gotten the hyperthreading version, intels are better at multitasking but amds kills intel at gameing and price performance ratio by alot, as i cannot aford an intel i didnt bother to buy one.
  6. It should be a night and day difference to you. Enjoy it.
  7. Looks good. One suggestion: if you can swing the extra $200, get an X1900. There is no question that it a more powerful card that the GT (or even the GTX) and will, as such, last you for a while.

    I respect your commitment to Intel. However, I suggest that you look at THG's comparision chart of CPUs on real world performance. See if what you plan to do with the computer is better suited to one processor or another at a particular price point.

    Oh, I have to correct a mispreception. You stated that you read that AMD slows down during multitasking. That is incorrect. The actual problems was, on the dual core processors, a Windows flaw interacting with AMD's Cool 'n Quite instructions caused the CPU to slow down if it had been running for several hours. Microsoft has created a hotfix for this (and will make it part of SP3). The simplest solution is to turn off AMD's Cool 'n Quite in the BIOS. No serious power user keeps these enabled anyway.

    Best of luck.
  8. Looks good man. I just got that same MB and am going to either drop a presler core in it or set it aside and wait for conroe to come out. I'm curious as to why you opted for the prescott and not a presler. So far, i've heard nothing but good things about the 975 chipset. Should work out good for you.
  9. intel sux listen to ruby and prozac is right the prescott is too hot i once got burned by one of those damn proc's!when i tried takin off the heatsink on my p4p8x.
  10. Quote:
    It should be a night and day difference to you. Enjoy it.

    Agreed, but I would've gone for a Dual Core system in order to futureproof it a little more.
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