160gb sata 8m 3G vs 160 sata 16m 150 decisions, decisions.

Just looking for some thoughts on which one you would choose.

a 160gb 16m 7200rpm sata 150 drive.


a 160gb 8m 7200rpm sata 300 drive.

the brand doesn't really matter. i'm looking at the maxtor diamondmax 10, but i owe alligiance to none. If anyone knows of a 160 that has both 16m cache and 3G then point me in the direction and completely ignore the thread.

It's use is for the OS and application/game installations. so it's all access, there's no storage whatsoever. i have a seperate drive for storage, so it's all about seek time and performance.

if in my position, which would you go for? or an alternative drive altogether. i don't want a drive larger than 160. Please don't say raptor, i don't want a raptor. i'm not considering a raptor. I am fully aware that a raptor fits my exact needs perfectly, i however can't justify two to three times the price for it. i like performance, but not that much.

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  1. planning on streaming 300mbps from your ata100 cd-rom drive, thats kinda overkill. or if you transfer alot of things throught ethernet then id say just stick with the 16mb cache as it can store more commands and will speed up loading times.
  2. I would get a 250 GIG SATA II-3G with 16 MB CACHE.

    Have your cake and eat it too!
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