One X1900XTX or Dual 7800 GT SLI

I am buying a new system and I don't really know which of the two is better also when 7800 GT's are in SLI I think they can do more antiliasing from the X1900XTX. Please I am desperate give me some light.........
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  1. Your paying 100 dollars for that extra X at the end.
    If you go ATI get the XT. the clock difference between 'em is a joke.
  2. really not sure which to recommend, but if you go with the 7800gt's I recommend the eVGA 7800gt. It has a lifetime warranty and comes overclocked. 445/1070 instead of the stock 400/1000. You can pick one up online for less than $300... But like I said I'm really not sure which one to suggest.
  3. That extra hundred is msrp, yet the 1900XT can be bought for $540, and NewEgg has the XTX for $599, so it might be worth an extra 50 or $60, especially if you want the fastest...
  4. X1900, because the 7800 series can't do OpenEXR HDR & FSAA at the same time...
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