Looking for good mobo's for presler dual core

Does anyone know some good mobo's for presler dual core? preferably in the $120 price range and should include some nice overclocking features, stability, and PCI-E 16x. If anyone knows some please let me know trying to decide between opteron dual core 165 denmark or a presler 920 dual core leaning towards presler since it's got double the cache per core.
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  1. Gigabyte 8I955X Royal (TOms hardware guide gave the baord rave reviews..

    As long as you are not getting the 955 Extreme Edition Processor, which requires a 975X chipset, I'm fairly sure the Pressler (65nm dual) requires at least a 955X-based chipset board...

    An outstanding overclocker for $120-ish? You'll have to look around, but I'd be surprised if they are available at this fairly low price point....
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