new kind of cooling?

i was thinkin, if the job of a coolin fan is to get the hot air out and cold air in, cant pc makers invent sth that will provide cold air alone? i mean, water coolin is fine but it is a kind of hassle if u ask me.

i tried this, i took out my side panels and turned on my air conditioner (placing it beside my pc, its one of those mini AC). i overclocked my gfx card and processor by 22% and it ran pretty good! and later i checked the cpu temp and got a reading of 33 C!! and no, water did not condense on my stuffs if anyone is thinkin that.

just wanna know what do you guys think.
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  1. it has been done, a while back it was reviewed here. ac cooled case intake hot output cold (obviously). ne ways it comsumes around 200+ watts just to run plus ur cpu watts that can get pretty expenisve for running a gaem which costs $50. also the case was fugly looking also a turn off. also the biggest pain is that it wass one lound a$$ ac (liek most acs) which sucks when its rite next to ur feet or ontop ur desk bussign in ur ears. a good watercooler and fan is good enough and makes lil to no noise at all. spending 300+ for that case and the cost afterwards was just not worth it.
  2. Climatisation is noisy and expensive...

    A good fan in the bottom front or the case that sucks air in and a good psu to get hot air out is the best low cost solution.
  3. you could try this cooling strategy--->
    this is the weirdest cooling I've ever seen yet.
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