Windows 7 drivers hauppauge wintv version 5 9 c

i'm looking for the windows 7 driver for hauppauge WinTV 5.9c
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  1. I see WinTV v6 but not a 5.9.
  2. i need the Windows 7 drivers hauppauge wintv version 5 9 c how can you help me, i watched overall the whole internet for this, can somebody help, my email is (email removed by moderator) i have before the driver the Vista driver from the wintv , he did work good, but i lose it the driver, can some one help me.
  3. Which Hauppauge card are you using? There are several different versions of the WinTV application. If you are strictly looking for the driver though, go to the Hauppauge support website and find your model number. Pretty much all of the Hauppauge cards support Windows 7 now. My HVR-1800 worked right out of the box when I installed 7 on my computer.

    Edit: You may not be able to get 5.9c anymore. It looks like only versions 6 and 7 are available now.

    You could just use Windows Media Center anyway... comes in all versions of Windows 7 except Starter Edition.
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