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I deleted the whole iTunes folder from my computer, and since I did that when I go to uninstall it in the control panel, it cannot find the file so it won't uninstall and I tried to re-install it but it's not working. Help? P.S.- I use Windows 7 Starter. Thanks!
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  1. So your add remove program feature, does not work to uninstall the itunes.

    You might have to go into the registry. I will look into this.
  2. Try other uninstallers.
  3. it tends to break the uninstaller when you delete the folder first.

    uninstall, then delete the folders leftovers.

    You do not still have it the the recycle bin do you? if you do, restore it and then try to uninstall it again.

    If not, normally reinstalling and un-installing works if you get the same version of the software.
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