Looking for 5 EGG rated 3800 X2 mobo, etc.

Id like to buy a X2 3800 AMD 939 socket and mobo from NEWEGG. Want some help about which mobo to buy that has 5 Eggs rating and nforce chipset on mobo. Some mobo that easy to set up and reliable with no BIOS problems that will support a CDR-DVD player, 1 GB XMS RAM, and a moderate PCI express video card ( <$200). I need a "no problem" mobo without failing capacitors. Its for business and I wont be gaming on it just earning my salary on it from home.

Thanks to all THGuiders!
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  1. It is unlikely to happen, as there will always be someone that will screw an installation, and call it other's fault. There is not yet a rating for user, so ther rate the product they did mistake on..

    Asus A8R-MVP. Quiet, silent and support for X2. This board may lack the enthusiast and overclocking option, but should be reliable, as other Asus, when properly assembled are.

    I'm planning on this board soon

    I still have to find one motherboard that will give me trouble thou..

    Adequate PSU, adequate venting and proper care when assembling will bring you a nice and stable computer for sure
  2. No offense, but going off the "egg" rating on newegg is both foolish and naiive. I would definitely not buy anything off new egg based on it's "egg" rating for two reasons:

    1. I've found half the people who write reviews on that site are complete morons.

    2. Everything is subjective.

  3. Agree with other posters, the "eggs" system is useless, as you have people condemning mainboards that have botched the heatsink install. failed to connect the mb power input properly, used a 200 watt PS, or all of the above...

    As for mb choices, the variety NF4 boards usually perform rather similarly (within <1%) these days, so most choose on brand name and features...

    You prob can't choose wrong by going with an Asus or MSI variant..

    (I use an MSI K8N Neo-4, and although this mb is not a great overclocker, it is utterly reliable at stock speeds, and has onboard sound, numerous USB/SATA ports, and a single GB lan port..)
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