Greenscreen crash while streaming online

I recently purchased a Qosmio and i keep getting randomly a Green screen only when i am streaming a video online , i am wondering if there is something that can be done , or is it a hardwear problem ...
Many thanks
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  1. We need your rig information.

    Do you have a video card?
    How much RAM do you have? how much are you using?

    Also please your system specs.

    First guess I would say its a video card problem, possibly overheat but i might be wrong, but next guess would be a RAM issue
  2. its a qosmio x505-q898 ,
    i7 intel core - nvidia gtx 460m with 1563 mb dedicated v.mem
    6132 mb ram currently i have 2729 mb used normally its below 2000mb .
    win7 64bit
  3. Ok how long ago did you install the video card, make sure that it is free of dust. Take out the card and blast with some pressurized air. It sounds to me as if you video card is overheating. So it just shuts down when it gets too hot or the drivers are of date.. Secondly do some memory tests make sure memory is in the clear.
  4. You need to right click on video when paused, go to settings, display menu, uncheck 'hardware acceleration'. Then refresh video URL
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