A8N-SLI Premium RAM Compatibility

I'm about to buy the A8N-SLI Premium, but because SOOOO many of you have memory probs I was wondering if any of you happen to know if Kingston Hyper X (2*1024) Dual Channel will work on it?

Also to avoid other ppl (like myself) Asking what all works for the mobo, just add your ram to this post (if you have it working on a A8N SLI Premium mobo), I'll put it all together so we'd have a good list for those who are asking themselves the same question

let's make this a topic on solving/avoiding the ram probs in general

tnx in advance
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  1. I have 4x 3200LLPT Corsair TWINX 256MB DIMMs in mine. The only thing I had to do upon the first boot was tell the BIOS it was DDR400 RAM and change the CAS timing to 2 (both problems can be fixed with a BIOS update to 1009, but my way works just as well).

    Other than having to do that, it works great. I'm sure your RAM will work fine in it.

  2. The ASUS website's list of compatible memory is pretty thin. I wonder if a similar thread exists elsewhere too?

    I went with OCZ 2x1GB 2-3-2-5 Platinum and it works great. Runs at specified timings and 1T without a hiccup.
  3. tnx for your input guys, btw where can i find the "supported ram" list? I do find the supported CPU list but to be honest.. bios this bios that, why are they messing around like that??
  4. Quote:
    tnx for your input guys, btw where can i find the "supported ram" list? I do find the supported CPU list but to be honest.. bios this bios that, why are they messing around like that??

    well, I thought I had found the list on their site somewhere, and now I can't find it again :?

    There IS a page int the manual that lists "supported" system memory however, so you could download that and check it out:

    A8N-SLI Premium Manual

    My OCZ isn't listed .. and it works great, so go figure. Your Kingston should be just fine.
  5. Ok, tnx, I'll have a look at the manual and post all of the ram in this topic tomorrow, saturday or sunday I probably have some spare time and I'll browse other forums to find out which ram is ok... But it seems only Corsair XMS is ppl giving problems
  6. I have found that mobo OEMs rarely list memory model #s by brand like Tyan does. Usually they only give specs. I check the memory brand websites. If you input the mobo, they will tell you what sticks are compatible. Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston, and Crucial all do this. I have not checked others but they would be stupid not to offer this.
  7. Well kind of off topic, but do all Asus boards support ECC RAM, or even do any of them support it?
  8. Yes, they often will. My Asus A8N-VM CSM is a low-end board and even it will support ECC. Why would you want to use it though?
  9. Because I'm building a system right now that I want to be fully compatible with Vista when it releases late this year. And I've heard they suggest ECC RAM...so I'm not exactly sure which way to go, building an AMD system right now.
  10. I just bit the bullet and got the Corsair 3500LL 1gigx2 matched Ram Designed for the A8N32-SLI-Deluxe. Pricey @ $303 But its working very well.
  11. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead but i have a few questions. I know this hardware is outdated but i just upgraded to vista and need to upgrade my ram. I currently have A8N-SLI Premium and Corsair 3200xlpro ram (2*512) I desperately need to add another gig of ram and was just wondering about the semantics. Should i just buy a dual channel kit (2*1024) or just add 2 more 512 sticks? Will i sacrifice any performance in doing this? What about compatibility? can i add (2*512) of different timings? thanks
  12. The price of RAM has come come down dramatically, newegg has has this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820146565 Crucial Ballistix, 89.99 before rebate, 49.99 after rebate
  13. I have 2 of these da boards and have a terrible time with the memory needing to be be reseated wit both of them. Currentlly using OCZ platinum. these boards are shit
  14. Solved this major issue for all!!!

    Flash the bios to the latest version. The bios does not recognise the later dual core processors correctly. So a quick flash of the bios sorts out all memory issues. I am now using Windows 7 64bit with a full 4gig of memory.
  15. dude, this thread is from 2006 (last post from before yours is over a year ago, last post from OP is from 2006)

  16. mindless728 said:
    dude, this thread is from 2006 (last post from before yours is over a year ago, last post from OP is from 2006)


    Hey mindless, mind your own business, this topic is completely relevant to me and a whole lot of folks that still have a8n-sli motherboards, and I'm eternally grateful that old threads on this particular subject are brought back up. If you don't have anything to offer then don't bother posting.

    Now for the cool people with minds, I'm hoping to add 8g (4x2gb sticks) of this 4GB (2x2GB) DDR PC-3200 400MHz ECC Registered 184pin CL3 VLP IBM For BladeCenter LS20 73P5122 (because it's so inexpensive) and seeing what happens. It's registered memory though and I don't know exactly how that will work out, but it would be really hip to run windows 7 64 on this old machine with 8gb of ram.

    Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated (even from you mindless, but you better know your *** dude).
  17. Hey i am also using this board and was looking into the registered ECC ram(2x2gb) and was wondering how it worked out for you? yah i agree with you that this thread is still relevant! my main reason for doing this is for less loading lag in battlefield 3 and other new games. oh and for all those who dismiss old harware like this, i am currently able to play any game that i have tried with decent framerates, eg..

    (all at 1680x1050) (Vsync ON... obviously fps above 60 is when off.) system specs are below
    MW2 - max everything, 4xAA, 16xAF - solid 60FPS online
    Crysis 2 - (not updated) - "advanced" - 30 - 70FPS

    Metro2033 - DX11 mode, most all settings on high/max, tesselation etc all on - 35-80FPS avg about 50-60FPS
    Black OPS - High settings i think some texture set extra, Avg50-80FPS, occasion drops to 8 in the "min" fps stats but no noticeable drop in live FPS stat. very slight but one off lag when entering new area first time on zombies etc

    Battlefield 3 - everything on HIGH,except geometry n draw distance n mesh on ultra, SSAO ambient occlusion, 4xdefered AA, 16xAF, postprocessing AA is off, resulting in 30-80FPS avgFPS 45-55 in 1440x900. however when moving around new areas, turning aroud quickly, get sound jitters and gfx stutter i believe when HDD reads. 1680x1050 reduces avg to maybe 25-40FPS with occassional drops just below 20 during large explosions, buildings falling etc. a bit slow for me so i reduce res.

    To achieve this i spent a total of $105 building the following system. i know these are by no means stellar framerates, but with the exception of battlefiled 3 i dont notice any slowdowns.

    A8n Sli Premium (found on side of road with athlon64 x2 4200+ and 2x1gb corsaid value select ddr400... seriously! not in a case, just mb,cpu n ram installed sitting on a cardboard box by the road (council cleanups!) it was even raining, but dried it out and all was sweet. it sat at my home in a box for about 2 years until few months back as i didnt have a PCI-e video card to test it, but figured if was faulty then u wouldnt chuck cpu n ram aswell.. ( i wasnt gaming so just had been using laptop for some years)
    anyway, on with the system spec

    A8n Sli Premium - bios 1302??
    Athlon64 x2 4200+ (2.2ghz stock) oc @ 2.475ghz (225x11) (stable to 2.62 on air, resulting in less ram speed , 10%slower HT) im sure i could push it further with better ram and better than stock heatsink.
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 1gb (OC - core@900 memory@5200(1300mhz)) - $75 2months old, orig cd n box contents.Free ship
    2x1gb value select dual channel @ DDR450 2.5-3-3-7 CR1 (DDR435 when CPU@ 2.6ghz)
    Antec 500w PSU - $30 online.
    7200rpm IDE HDD (soon to be replaced with 7200rpm SATA drives from laptop lying around) - $6 for cable when i buy it
    ACER x213W LCD
    Win 7 Ultimate 32bit (would clearly change to 64 had i 4gig ram)

    total cost = AU$105 (plus a lucky find some years ago to be fair;). Result = Perfectly capable gaming machine for most any game @1680x1050 max/medium high setting. yes yes, BF3 at 1440x900 which i know it sucks

    so thats my very long winded way of asking about the REG ECC ram and if it worked and what the performance was like, and also to vindicate Lopper that YES! this is still a relevant thread. Dont 'mindlessly' dismiss old builds! ;)

    I just tried chucking in 2 matched 512MB sticks i had lying around (Elixer?? i think) to see if the extra gig would assist with the loading lag in BF3, and it did help a little, however it reduced my OC to 2.31GHz DDR420 2.5-3-3-8 CR2.
    although battlefield performed a little better in terms of cacheing lag i found that MW2 for example went from a solid 60FPS to frequent drops to the 30's when moving around esp on large maps. this is much worse than my system with everything at stock speeds, in mw2 i still get solid 50-60 on stock. so i can only assume this is a result of the Command Rate being set at 2.
    though it seems like alot for that so perhaps issues with memory controller and having 4 sticks, 2x1gb, 2x512.

    So yah! any advice on ways to improve performance without spending much? i am currently saving for a bulldozer system so any mid way upgrade isn't worth it. I am hoping 2x2gb dual kit that can run decent timings and CR1 when OC will help. there is one on offer for $39 but as i said its Registered ECC. I do realise that the major bottleneck on my system is the CPU
    (on most nearly all games bar BF3 the difference between Min everything at low res and max everything at high res is not more than 10-15FPS. my gpu fan never even goes above 50 - 53%. utilisation very rarely above 50 - 70. BF3 pushes to 85. CPU util however, is often 99.
    so aside from 2x2gb dual kit ram would it be worth picking up say an Opteron 185 (max supported) if can get on the cheap. do you think it would make much difference with a good OC? keeping in mind that i will probably only be using this systm
    for another few months.
    thanks for any help you can offer.

    p.s i know its not really related but you will recall im saving for a bulldozer build with a 990FX/SB950 AM3+ SLI/xFire board (at the very least a Phenom2 x6), do you think my sapphire HD 6770 would perform acceptably into the future in crossfire with a HD6790. or would i be better spending the money on a new card entirely like a 6850 or 6990 or even nvidia? i hope by then to pick a 6790 up for about same as i paid for 6770 ($75). or would it scale better with another 6770 as the 6790 tho compatable uses Barts GPU instead of Juniper.

    sry for the long rambling post. thanks for any input anyone can provide. cheers.
  18. I'm using the A8N-SLI premium with winXP and win7 64-bit,
    had 2x1GB memory installed and bought 2 more identical ones to run 4GB mem,
    windows XP does run but can only use 3GB, win7 crashes on startup and won't run with 4GB installed.
    I ordered 2x 512MB to see if i can run 2x 1,5GB in dual channel mode in win7
    and i think you can forget about 4x 2GB! Or at least keep a fire extinguisher nearby :pt1cable:
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