AMD socket M quad to sample late February

Socket 1207 and quad cores might come sooner that what some expect. That's music to my ears. :twisted:
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  1. I hate to be picky, but what the heck is a Socket M Quad?

    The article talks about a Socket M which doesn't exist. First it was the Socket M2 which was then changed to the Socket AM2. Why I'm not sure. Now they take away the letter they added and the number too. It may just be a double typo of course. Interestingly OEMs won't have samples until the end of February, which no doubt explains why a March launch wasn't possible.

    AMD always planned to demo their quad core at the Socket 1207 launch anyways so that's not news. There also aren't any indications that quad cores will come earlier than expected. Marty Seyer, the head of AMD's server division just confirmed on January 27 that quad cores won't ship until 2007.

    If quad cores won't be out for Socket F until next year, its doubtful there would be a quad core for Socket AM2 so I'm not sure what a Socket M quad is. I believe both Intel and AMD aren't planning quad cores for consumers until late 2007 - 2008 since they haven't even transitioned consumers to dual cores yet. Socket AM2 probably doesn't have enough pins anyways since servers had to increase to 1207 pins to fit DDR2 and quad cores, while AM2 only has 1 pin more than Socket 939 and already had to add DDR2.
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