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I was thinking of buying a middle to highend gaming system with nVidia SLI and an Athlon X2 series processor. After doing a couple of google searches I came across Zenotek Gaming systems; . They look like they sell high end gaming systems, and their systems look fairly decent. They have a lot of helpful technology and system components information, and look trustworthy, something I'm impressed with considering that they're a new company. I'm narrowing it down between ABS Computer systems and Zenotek Gaming Systems. My budget is about $1300.

I'm looking for a good gaming rig, any one have any suggestions?
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    General Homebuilt

    Forum title, but whatever floats your boat :lol:
  2. Sorry about that. I wasn't sure where else to post. I figured that the consumer electronics section applied to the brand name systems. If anyone can suggest where to move the post, I'd be happy to move it.

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    I wasn't sure where else to post

    I'm just kiddin man heh 8)
    This is as good as any place to post that.
    I was just stressing the "Homebuilt" factor :)
  4. Alienware or ABS Alienware has some good products, I love my laptop. ABS has the same set up too.

    Ever consider a custom?
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