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A power problem!

Last response: in Components
January 30, 2006 7:56:20 PM

Just put together my new PC and right then i started to have problems with the power (i guess). Sometimes when loggin in to windows and while windows was runnin' i got this blue screen where it says smth like that:" a problem occured.. windows had to shut down.. check you hardware conf..." it happens more often when i just start my PC after not working for several hours.
My set is:
Asus A8V-E SE
2x 256 DDRAM Kingston CL 2.5
Asus ATI X700 256 DDR
AMD64 Athlon 3200+ with stock cooling
Maxtor SATA HDD 160GB 7200 rpm
Seagate ATA HDD 40 GB 4600? rpm
Samsung CD-R/RW 52x32x52.
Chieftec PSU 450W

Oh, and my voltages are:

Vcore 1.46V
+3.3 - 3.33V
+5.0 - 5.07V
+12.0 - 11.88V

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January 30, 2006 8:25:12 PM

your cpu voltage seemed a little much if you haven't changed voltage settings becasue it is about 1.360 1.410 it "might" be the reason of your crashes if you haven't overclocked leave it at its default
January 30, 2006 8:27:33 PM

You do any OC'in?
Vcore 1.46V

Seems a bit high if you ask me.
January 30, 2006 9:03:17 PM

Make sure the cooling fans are connected, cpu etc...

Download Prime95, install it for hardware testing. Increase the amount of ram to use to reflect your system. Normally it uses only a small amount to create max heat in the cpu. You want to stress the ram too.

The blue screen of death can be caused by many things, ps, temp, ram. etc..

I had a simalar problem, it was traced to a bad ram chip.

I have seen when the BIOS did not set the timmings correctly on the ram and cause that problem too. Download CPU-z to see how the bios sets the hardware.

Upgrade to the latest BIOS.

When you have the computer where it stays up.