Amd or intel? BEST OC performance

which cpu perform better when they are overclocked? athlons or p4s? many ppl say athlons but y are all the top ocing benchmarks won by intels? i'd like to find an answer to straighten this out.
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  1. a lot of people who don't know better like to claim that their Athlons perform better than Intel's in OC... which I tend to disagree with. I see people overclocking to 4.2Ghz on air, at least, and that beats a lot of AMD's right there, put watercooling in and go higher, usually the Intel wins. :)
  2. so does a 4ghz + P4 will beat the athlon64 even 3ghz+ FXs/optys?
    i'd like to keep the 6/7ghz p4 ocs out of this discussion cuz they are n2o cooled.
  3. I agree about keeping n2o out.. but what about watercooling? anyways, I've heard of 4.4Ghz on air, and benchmarks are strong against AMD... that I've seen. I should research more, and do some live testing maybe. THG did a comparison of a 3.4Ghz versus a FX-57 or something, and while the FX beat the P4 in normal, when they overclocked the P4 to 4.2Ghz or something, (i forget), but it was to the max on air, and the same to the FX, up to 2.9Ghz, the P4 was taking the lead, on top of the benchmarks... but this is something that has really interested me, and I'm interested to see what other ppl say. :)
  4. The way I see it, stock AMD wins with its Opteron 180 or X2-4800, but these do not go much higher than 2700MHz unless you get a lucky one, but Intel chips handle the heat and scale well, and an Intel dual core OC'd at 4000MHz is a heavy hitter in about all the benches.
  5. so intel with all its heat and power problems takes the cake. thats if u want a steamy chassis and a big power bill hahaah. well the fastest proc is the fastest proc. dam i wish it werent so. but the oc crown goes to intel. stock crown goes to amd? theres no pride in that tho..except for the casual user
  6. Either way, stock or overclocked, Intel/AMD upper latest line chips rock and if you buy the right components, you can push 20% or more stable overclocks out of your CPU. Basically, decide what you want to do with your PC, then compare the chips performance that closest matches your budget and usage, then see which chip closest matches the budget/usage.
    And yes, the Intel will use more power, like 20 or watts, but Intel is leveling that difference with the 9xx series, and looks like within a few months, they will have the lower power chip, which they already have the market cornered in notebook chips re: power consumption.
  7. i dont consider pcmark a benchmark worth looking at cuz its stacked/rigged. but richpls, ur like the first unbiased guy ive like ever seen lmfao. no fanboy in you lol. hopefully intel will cleans up their prescott mess with their new socket. I dun like how amd is just continuing the a64 90nm in AM2 tho. y not just buy the cheaper 939 with cheaper ddr ram. AM2 will only be future proof for the new architecture, but im even skeptical on that since its just s940 revised...940 opteron2 anyone? the old opterons wont work on the new boards probalby cuz of some marketin scheme... plz amd dont f_ck up now that uve finally earned some repsect.
  8. Custom Watercooling rig?

    Watercooling does little to help overclockers hit the speeds they're seeking. Watercooling isn't even as good as some of the highend air coolers out there. Albeit Watercooling isn't near as noisy.

    I run some watercooled rigs, but my main rigs use Thermoelectric modules (Peltier). It's not as extreme as let's say Phase Change or LN but it's far more flexible.

    Just a watercooling rig with a highflow setup is needed (like a cheap Maze block or Swiftech MCW5002 block). Hook up a 226-300Watts Pelt to a dedicated 320W 12v power supply and you've got a Thermo-Electric cooled rig.

    Mine does -19C on idle and -8C on load.. results vary. Just depends on the way it's setup. Most important part is keeping the flowrate high. Unlike high end watercooling rigs which work better using spray nossles (and more restrictive block designs) Thermo-electric setups need the water to move fast to get the heat away as quickly as possible.

    3.2GHz on a Dual Core 4800+ ..yep.. easilly achievable.
  9. I have a BigWaterSE and it keeps my Opteron 175 OC'd at 2.6GHz under 42C at load. The kit cost $100 and I have not seen air do that, especially for the cost!
    Water is great, quiet, cheap and quality components wrapped up in a pleasing looking configuration.
  10. Even custom built kits have trouble keeping up with today's Highend Air Coolers.

    Even a Storm G5 block by Cathar mixed with an MCP655 and a The Black Ice® Xtreme III XFlow Rad have issues keeping those CPU's cool.
  11. as an amd fan, i find it difficult to believe a lot of prescotts' will pound the a64's at high clock speeds. after all-the opteron 146 gets 3.0ghz on air but nobody submitted any benchmarks dueling it out so this is more or less just a rant. id like to see what 146's will do on good water cooling, and better yet-if intel can do better with a comparable prescott.
  12. P4s do, PMs do, PDs (not by a huge margin, but hey), PEEs do. Actually almost anything Intel has to offer takes the cake. Almost because Ive never seen OCed Xeons. P4s go like 5 GHz, PMs go 4.1 GHz (SuperPI WR), PDs in the 4.5 range give or take some and PEE should get those 4.4 maybe even 4.5. Come on, cant really beat that, can ya?

    On a sidenote I have to say that Im uber scared of Conroe. Those 3.33 GHz Extreme Editions must be evil to the bones, mean like nothing else and COOL. I think we can expect nice OC results even from that already OCed CPU.
  13. a Pentium D 3.4Ghz overclocked to 5Ghz on water... beats the benchmarks pretty good. :)
  14. I have yet to see anyone clock a P4 to 5GHz on air or water alone. I've seen them clocked all the way to 7.1GHz on LN2... but not on air or water.
  15. I said Pentium D... that's NOT Pentium 4. You can put a 3.4Ghz P4 to 4.4Ghz on air... with some luck. :)
  16. No, but I've seen the 955EE at 5GHz on a vapochill system.
  17. or maybe it was 4.7Ghz... :? and ur probably right, a 3.6
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