Would a 600 watt power supply run a 600 watt car amp?

Both 600 watts dc output power? what are you thoughts....
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  1. i'm guessing you'll be running this on the 12 V rail?

    in that case you'll want to use the DC power equation:


    where I and V are your 12v rail specs.
    so for my psu that would be P = 12V * 18A which is 216 watts MAX.

    your's will probably be higher but nowhere near 600 watts. :roll:

    my prediction would be... a burnt PSU
    if you crank up the volume on your stereo, or whatever it is that you need 600 watts for.

    i think you could do it on 2. Make sure to leave some over head though.
  2. ya i was just woundering that lol cause i rolled my car and i salvaged my sound system which was worth more then the car and wanted to find a power source to power my subs and that would of been only one amp. cant find a AC/DC power converter jsut DC/AC or other way around either way al you can find is the ones for cars wher eyou can plug in house outlets where for hte subs you need one to go from house power to power car power lol i woreded this whole thing wrong lol i jsut went form my head as i went along.
  3. and your psu are same specs as mine i only got a 480 watt psu i wanna get like a 600 or something jsut so i have lots of power if i ever need it.
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