Sickest computer ever!

What is the best rig that I can get for 10000 dollars, excluding monitor. No water cooling.
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  1. Search newegg, sort stuff from highest price to lowest.
  2. Dell has a quad GPU 7800 GTX 512 system coming out soon... it has an awesome flame job on the side of it. Here's a link:

    Stats on the system:
    Dual WD 150GB Raptors in RAID 0
    4x 7800 GTX 512 cards
    Pentium D 955 overclocked to 4.2Ghz
    2GB of memory

    Price is expected to be $7,000 I think.

  3. You know that will be one HOT item!!
  4. Yeah those aren't painted flames either...
  5. Falcon Northwest can build you the sickest computer ever.
    there better than most with toip quality componets and service.
    Me I like to tinker, but if you don't have the time to do the research then go with these guys.
  6. There really are too many reasons not to spend that kind of money on a box. That's more money than 4 cases of really good scotch.
  7. Obviously the entire thing is duplicated, but the flames were originally done by a reknowned airbrush artist named... shit. I forgot his name. Let me call my bro-in-law- he's got a ton of original crap from this guy...

    EDIT: here you go:

    His name is Mike Lavallee and his work has been on American Chopper, Monster Garage, etc. He's pretty much the best flame job artist in the world.

    My brother in law has entire refridgerator flamed by this dude.

  8. The best one is so Dell doesn't get your money.
  9. Now why would Dell sell you a warranty-voided CPU straight-out-of-the-box, so to speak? Not to mention the serious liquid cooling you'd need for that thing. They DO supply liquid cooler with it... right?...
  10. phase cooling i believe
  11. Sorry to be so negative, but I have only had bad experiences with water cooling.

    Firstly, it doesn't cool the CPU temp down that much. I was rather unimpressed when I saw this. I was expecting sub-20 temperatures when installed on a AMD64 that normally ran at 28.

    Secondly, somehow the waterblock cracked . Where the pipes clip into the waterblock, there was a tiny crack that formed. It wasn't like this when first installed. My company ended up having to buy the client a new ASUS 7800GTX because the warranty was voided.

    Phase cooling, a much better idea.

    I saw the pics of that Dell machine. I wouldn't at all mind having one of them beauties.

    The thing with the CPU-warranty that's voided.
    If Dell sells you a PC with an overclocked CPU, I'm sure they will give you a warranty on the system, including the CPU. This makes it a bonus, not a negative.

    I find that buying a pre-assembled PC, for work especially, always ends up saving me time and money in the long run. When something goes wrong, and I don't have parts to play the 'swap till it works' game, I can take it back to them. Dell is a name I trust. Nice of them to bring out this monster system .
  12. If you have 10G's to blow on a computer, do this:
    Spend 4 now on whatever floats your boat, and then toss $500 (or less) at it every 6 months or so.
    Trust me. In seven years, your rig will still be "sick", but your bank account will be quite healthy.
    If you spend it all now, in five years I'll be able to buy your 10k, sick-ass rig on eBay for $187 shipped :twisted:
  13. Yea, better get a kickass machine for 4000 and upgrade it as much as you like.
  14. If you've got that much money to burn, check out Voodoo PCs
  15. THanks for all the advice.
  16. I would check out VooDoo PC as well.
  17. Solid state storage baby. Thats the ONLY way i can seen spending 10 grand on a gaming machine (excluding monitor and fancy cooling). Look at the 3.5" SATA drives.
  18. tigerdirect, newegg, voodoopc, : Best places to spend 10 grand!
  19. Cooling setups need to be done right, whether you use good equipment, great equipment, or a lonely pos. That's why companies like Voodoo, etc. manage to sell at ridiculous prices - there aren't that many people around who can put together a water cooling/phase cooling/pos cooling system well, and its not something you can read a manual and get right the first time.
  20. I got a SICK laptop for ya @ just under 10K. Its a P3 650 with 256mb and 20gig drive. It'll rock ya for that kinda cash ;)

  21. ill counter with your choice of either a p3, 450ghz, 128mb, 4gig or this one that i think i lost: ~200ish mhz, probably a p2, 32 or 64mb, and i dun remember the hd. either one is urs for, heck, ill giveu both for under 5k
  22. I'm willing to sell my Packard Bell desktop for 10K! It's a 120 Mhz Pentium 1, 32 MB EDO, 1 GB HDD, and a 40X CD-ROM!
  23. WOW how much did the 40x CD-rom cost you??
  24. $5,000 when I got it from a dumpster.
  25. Sickest computer for what?Yes, i can point out something sick. 8 cpu opteron system for word editing. Itanium for mp3 playing. 955XE for DOS games. FX60 for mame32. Maybe 2xOpteron280 pc with 16GB ecc400 ram for solataire. Sickest!Ever!
  26. Voodoo PCs will drop your $10k budget real quick, get that new all 24k gold PC they put out. Might be outta yer range though, i think they wanted like $15k for it.
  27. Sepuko has a good point. Why does anyone need to spend 10K on a computer? For 10K, I can buy 5 people nice systems. Hell, I can buy myself a new desktop with a new monitor and a laptop then do the same for a friend! 10K on one computer is sick alright, mentally sick!
  28. Referencing that other thread where somebody wanted to spend $4k on a PC, I'd have to say go with a $2k machine and spend the rest on hookers.
  29. and with 8k, u can actually get decent hookers
  30. 8K USD are enough to support a student here for about 3 years. Mmm, there are even better uses for 8 g's, don't you think? Besides, no hooker gives you "no desease" warranty. Hahha, just thinking of it makes me laugh. Spending 8K to get a nasty desease...
  31. Quote:
    THanks for all the advice.

    I can personnaly build you a kick ass crazy computer with that amount of money.. seriously.. if you are serious and really have the money, contact me.
  32. haha, why even try
  33. Quote:
    haha, why even try

    well.. I could make one hell of computer and some nice profit on it too. More that what I usually make...
  34. With 10K, I could pay my bills for a year and go back to school full time. Hell, instead of paying 10K for a computer, give that money to the poor, namely me!
  35. plz
  36. I would like to say if you have 10,000 you do not need to spend that but for 3 000 you would have the sickness
  37. Nice zombie thread.
  38. haha... so old... what would the FPS of that against a simple i7 920 OCed and gtx 295 sli now? heaps cheaper... can probably actually play crysis.... :D
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