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I have a P4 machine that is about 2 years old. ABIT IS7 Motherboard and from it's creation has run 2x512 OCZ PC3500 RAM (P4 OCd to 433) in Dual Channel.

Recently I purchased another match pair of PC3500 OCZ RAM to add on to my system. I added the new pair to slots 2 and 4. System booted, got into windows and promptly started tossing errors before BSOD.

I remove the new RAM, boot and all is well. So I start testing. I can boot with the new RAM by itself completely fine (tested all four slots with both new sticks). I can run pretty much anything on my machine for long periods with absolutely no errors. I can even run both sticks at the same time as long as they don't activate dual channel. Example installing them in slots 1 and 2. I can also run my previous RAM in dual channel in slots 2 and 4 with no issues.

The second Dual Channel is activated for these 2 sticks, regardless of position (1 and 3 or 2 and 4) all hell breaks loose on my system. Is this something specifically with the RAM? I've run my current match pair for years without so much as a glitch but the new RAM seems to run fine when not in dual channel. Any ideas out there?

My Motherboard is on the latest BIOS revision and to be safe I let the BIOS determine the timings instead of setting them myself.
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  1. Further tested. BSODs are no more. System will just reboot upon trying to load XP.

    The system will not load if all 4 ram chips are installed either, no matter the order. If all 4 are on the board, it will reboot upon trying to load XP. Individually though both sets seem ok outside of dual channel but my original pair is still the only pair that will succesfully do Dual Channel.
  2. :oops:
    So the whole issue turns out to be that I bought RAM with a 2.8 Voltage instead of 2.6. Once I upped the volt on the motherboard, all has been well.

    But this raises another question. My system seems stable at 2.8 and I've monitored my voltage and it's never budged from 2.78. What is a good way to test this setup? My fear is any fluctuation higher in voltage and I'll really be stressing the older OCZ ram.

    Should I just return the 2.8 and buy 2.6?
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