Amd or intel for video/ some gaming?

AMD athlon 64 3400, 2.2 ghz 512 mb cache 1800 fsb, or intel 519 2.93 ghz 533 mhz fsb?
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  1. Just get the AMD. The 519 doesn't have HT which means the main advantage of the Intel for video encoding is missing. The 519 also uses a 533MHz FSB which constrains the processor.
  2. dual core is what I would say either Intel 820 budget wise, or the Opteron 170 for a few hundred more, but a lot more HP, especially if overclocked to 2.6GHz.
  3. Are you mad? Athlon 64 for sure.

  4. AMD - 5
    Intel - 0

    W00t! :D
  5. Boy LC, that must have really hurt. Here you see Intel and video, and think, oh yes, this is an Intel win.
    It's nice when you put your supper Intel fanboyism aside and give sound advice.
  6. From now on we shall call you commodore data...... I was actually hoping to root for the intel in this case. When I saw the specs I came to the same conclusion. Such a shame.
  7. The 170 is good, but i didn't feel it was worth the extra $100. Better to put that towards another better vid/more ram/betterlooking case/whatever u fancy.
  8. I dont think the P-D 820 for $270 is a good option in any situation. That chip really blows.
  9. AMD athlon 64 3700, 2.2 ghz 1024 mb cache. not
    AMD athlon 64 3500, 2.2 ghz 512 mb cache
  10. I decided to go amd with seeing the poll!
  11. venice and san diego are both terrific, although i'd go withthe 3200+ venice CG if u choose venice, otherwise the 3700 san diego is sweet
  12. Wait! Is that a s754 board? It looks like a s754 chip. Make sure you dont mix and match those.
  13. The A64 3500+ is only available in S939 so it should be okay. The S754 models bracket it at 3700+ and 3400+.

    I had concerns about what avatar3k said since the CG stepping was Clawhammer. Then I noticed that the Venice E4 stepping has CG in the SKU which is confusing. In any case, the latest stepping is now E6.
  14. It looks like he's changed his chip choice to an A64 3400+. There were some 3400s made for an oem, that fit s939, but they are very rare right now.
    I believe E6 is for the dual cores.
  15. i thought you wanted to upgrade to 939 (which was what i was talking about)

    lt - yea, cg in the sku, no need to get technical about the names of the steppings, all he needs to know is what we recommend he buy, but w.e
  16. I must of read his post wrong. The 3400+ would be a S754 part.

    The E4 and E6 steppings were originally supposed to be for dual core, but now they're both available for single cores too. I guess AMD may be taking failed dual cores, disabling the bad core, and then relabeling them as single cores.
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