2x1mb or 2mb cache?

On newegg.com....
There are two listings for the Opteron 180, one in the box, and one processor only. The only thing is that they list as one with variable voltages, and one with 1.3/1.35 and one with 2mb cache and one with 2X1mb cache.
So which is better, and is there anything different?
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  1. Both Opterons should be exactly the same. The only difference is one is in a box for retail channels and the other is for OEMs or manufacturers to just drop into PCs. You can save money by going OEM, but you might just want to get the boxed one since it's only $20 more. Since you're spending $800 anyways its not such a big deal and you can generally feel more comfortable with it.

    The voltages are the same and can be adjusted in the BIOS for overclocking anyways. The L2 cache for both is 2x1MB. Only the Intel Core Duo (Yonah) has a 2MB shared cache between cores.

    I don't want to past judgement, but usually the reason people go with Opteron's is to buy the lower models like the 165 or the 170 and overclock them for value rather than getting the top end. However, if you aren't comfortable with that or actually want to use it for server or workstation use then the 180 is a great choice.
  2. Yeah they're the same. Currently AMD doesn't offer 2MBx2, so both have 2x1MB (or 2MB combined, 1MB per core).

  3. Well, i know the 180 is a bit high up there, but I'm thinking that the prices are going to be going down soon, and I plan on building my computer late May, in which case, i'm assuming that the 940 processors will start to take charge, and the opterons will drop in price.
  4. agree, a little they will fall...
  5. Quote:
    agree, a little they will fall...

    hopefully enough so i can buy the top processor and o/c it to fx57 + levels... on each processor. I think that is going to be my goal.
  6. Keep your eye then on the Opty 170 at around $400 now...
    It will overclock more than the 165 or 175 or 180 for that matter, to around 3GHz, the others top out around 2.7GHz due to the cold bug...
    And I found this out after getting a 175... :roll:
  7. ive read about the "cold bug" twice today, what is it??
  8. It has to do with the limits of the soi and overclocking limits.
    Overclocking is limited not by heat, since temps are not high but the CPU just won't go any higher. Seems like some go higher than others, yet for some, even LN won't overcome threshold.
    Intel chips do not seem to be affected like AMD chips.
  9. quite confusing :)
  10. samething they just screwed up with the description
  11. oh if it's shared cache it's 2 meg if it's separate then it's 2x1 meg hope that clears it up ok
  12. like yonah 2 meg shared not 2x1 meg like the 8 series
  13. Doesn't the retail one come with a HSF and warranty, where as the OEM one comes without either?
  14. am i right guy's and gal's or what
  15. parlee did i clear it up for you a little?
  16. I thought the cold bug was only when cooling processors below freezing? And from everything I've read, all the Opty's overclock more or less the same depending on stepping.
  17. no no, cold bugs are when there's problems with the chips... where it won't OC any further.
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