Quiet PSU..which one?

Ok.. I may need a quiet PSU for a next built. I need something between 400w and 500w. will be powering a X2 3800+. no big gaming machine.

It MUST be quiet. No need for fancy grill or UV. but would likea fan at the opposite side from the back, not underneath.

I now have a thermaltake TR2 430w performing admirably quiet. But I'm not sure if it would have enough 12V amps if I decide to get a bigger video card.

Any idea? And I want something that wont cost lot of $$$

I'd rather hear from personnal experience rather than from review or the "I heard the xxxbrand is quiet, but not heard it myself.."


By the way, I looked at the Seasonic S12-430HB 430W and it seems quiet. Don't know about the quality thou
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  1. I know about them.. I just want experience from users....
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