New Breed Of Circuit Boards

It Read's exactly like this

Scientists Develop Faster Computer Circuit Board

A Team of South Korean scientists said they have developed a new circuit board using fiber Optics that can dramatically increase computers data transmission speeds. Park Hyo-Hoon, a professor at South Korea's Information and Communications University in Daejeon, and Lee Yon-Tak, a Professor of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, developed a new printed circuit board(PCB) wired by both Fiber optic wires and traditional copper wires. With the introduction of Pentium 4 HT chips, the data processing times of a computers, Central Processing Unit (CPU) have increased dramatically, but the data transmission is hampered by bottle necks occurring in other parts of the Circuit board. These bottlenecks do not occur on the new PCBs because of the use of use of fiber optics, they said. With the New technology, it takes only one second or less, to transmit a One-Hour High-Definition Video clip while the fastest of current technology still take tens and hundreds of seconds, they said. "We have made a technical breakthrough in having Fiber Optic wires and copper wires embedded on the same PCB and having all the circuits interconnected." Lee said. He also stated that Data that needed High-speed transmission went through the Fiber optic wires while Slow-speed data was directed through copper wires to prevent delay times. The Team said they expect the Printed Circuit Board to come into Commercial production and use around 2010 when the production costs come down.

*Sorry for some of the mistakes I typed all this in like 9 minutes and I didn’t check it thoroughly, but This Post is related to CPU's because I was wondering even if the Motherboard was made to jump light speed, would that be able bring the CPU's Heatexpulsion down because it would have less electricity running through it, or would the amount of information just cool the Motherboard down and superheat the CPU chips and destroy it from the leap in speed and data transfer?
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  1. Wow! Sounds really cool. And expensive. Sigh...
    They give junkies dopamine, why can't they give computer addicts free stuff too?
  2. Yeah, Its going to be expensive and probbialy only avaliable to Korean scientists and rich guys. but probbly it will come around to the MotherBoard makers in North America by 2010 to 2012. And the we will see what kind of speed capabilitys and Overclocking capabilitys it can give to us, the speed and Hardware Junkies and let's not forget the Addicts
  3. Thats going to be funny dumping data from that speed onto a 9.5ms HDD

  4. I think that the Chinese or the Korean might add like buffers to store the data in a cache, for like slower hard-drives so while its all being loaded it, slows it down just enough for the har-drive to copy or they might just restrict it to like 2ms hard drives that might come out with in the near future.
  5. Well when all the CPUs are made out of fiber optic wires then the solid state memory will be much cheaper and so people will be able to afford making HDDs out of chips instead of platters and mechanical heads. No more mechanical PC's!!

    Also even if they do get this together by 2010 there'll prolly be more delays and because of the sheer cost of the fiber optic chips it will be years before that comes into mainstream market
  6. Yeah hashv2f16 That's why they've only been able to do Fiber Optic/Copper Hybrid Ciruit Board, Because they know current technology wont adapt that fast to to many changes, so this will only way the foundation for thr computer changes, and the other things will slowly but gradually catch up. But Fiber Optics could be cheaper if the Chinese and Korean and basically Asia started to get contracts to make them and I know they will. they will start producing Anything Fiberoptic so fast and in so much quantity, it'll become almost Cheap to be computing at speeds of 10-15Ghz easly. and that dreams not far fetched. It's just that we've only pushed the speeds of metal conducter CPUs, but Fiberoptic or anything faster outthere can be established Moores Law can once again start back on track if we Apply it to HyperThreading and Double Core. or Multi-core computers could be able to use this kind of technology effectively, and single core can still play a vital role as being a single stable form of computing.
  7. I don't buy this story for one iota of a second. Please remember that Korea is the same country that blurted to the world that they had successfully cloned a human with the embryos and all, only to retract that assertion with a great sense of shame. I'm not saying this to create some debate over stem cell research but to say that keep the source in mind. I heard the idea of a fiber/copper mobo hybrid about 3-4 years ago and technology has not progressed that much to make it a reality. Can it be done? Sure it can. But so can anything with enough time and money, time and money that I doubt Korea has. And even if they did create it and it came to market, so what! All other peripherals and devices attached to said mobo would not be able to take advantage of the technology. Let's face it, the fastest FSB on either an AMD! or Intel system is still limited by the physical slot connection in the mobo and of the speed of the memory chips or modules. The same applies for all components we plug into the mobo, ie; CPU, memory, ISA, PCI, PCIe, PCI-X, etc...

    Pet Peeve - Moore's Law is nothing more than a half-witted and very obvious observation made by an industry insider with limited insight long enough ago to make the statement seem revolutionary. If Moore didn't say it 1st, it would have been stated by the guy sitting next to him in the same meeting and we'd have named it after him.
  8. Do you have a link to the original story? I would like to read it first hand.

  9. Hmmm...sorry no link to the original story. I know, it's better to have the documentation to back any assertions (ironic statement considering this story), but it was a few years ago. However, if my memory serves me well, it was in a forward looking magazine like Technology Review as I also remember reading a related article regarding grid computing and quantum computing as theories being tossed about.
  10. I kind Believe the story, but it was a translated text from a local Korean Language Newspaper in Toronto, But i lost the original newspaper but just scanned that clip off Before i stored it somewhere. i donno but it was about a year or so old. and thats why the english on it was so messed up cuse i used a translator and i spell checked it very vaugely. But Koreans sometimes tell lies and some times tell the truth, and university professors, i believe.
  11. I can imagine it now... SOI transistor chips technology of today being maxed out at 7-8ghz and dying to make way for fiber optic fab processes in 2 or 3 decades... a place that makes an Athlon X2 5200 look like the 8088 it really is...

    Did you guys see this article on Toms hardware main page today? Carbon nanotubes i mean i never even herd of this Carbonnanotubes but this already clames to have better processing times than Fiber optical motherboards. and you theough the Korean scientists were crazy buggers.
  13. Yeah and in Japan they should SHDTV which was supposedly 100 times better than HD. I wouldnt get too exited about this.
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